MediEvil PS4 PlayStation 4 UK Sales 1

Contrary to Concrete Genie’s desperately disappointing retail debut, Sony’s likeable MediEvil remake appears to have got off to a strong start in the UK sales charts. Skeletal soldier Sir Dan was able to hang with goliath new arrivals Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, WWE 2K20, and The Outer Worlds, finishing fifth in the latest British best-sellers list.

While its numbers are unlikely to be particularly outstanding, it’s worth remembering that PixelOpus’ sophomore effort could only muster a 35th place finish a few weeks ago, before disappearing from the Top 40 entirely. To be fair, the Japanese giant has done a marginally better job of promoting its nostalgic 90s revival – a little bit of effort goes a long way, apparently.

[source, via News: UK Sales Charts: WWE 2K20 Debuts in Third Despite Its Countless Glitches Going Viral]