Uncharted Movie 1

The movie that will never get made is… Getting made again! You may recall director Shawn Levy departing the Uncharted movie project late last year, mercifully putting the non-starter on ice. Well, it’s back, with Variety reporting that 10 Cloverfield Lane maker Dan Trachtenberg has been brought on board to steer the adaptation. Spider-Man star Tom Holland is still expected to play the lead role, with the film set to chronicle Nathan Drake’s early encounters with partner in crime, Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan.

Sony hopes to start filming the movie before the end of the year, although Holland’s Spider-Man commitments will play a part in the scheduling. Of course, given the long and tumultuous history of this project, then we’re fairly confident that it will be canned and revived at least three more times before 2020 arrives.

[source variety.com]