Gran Turismo Sport PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Gran Turismo Sport is the first instalment in Polyphony Digital’s series to have a heavy online focus. With the title enabling players to earn an authentic FIA license, there’s a level of integrity that needs to be maintained within the game. This means that the title has some huge online restrictions which have been outlined clearly in the past, but still seem to be taking some fans by surprise. As such, we’ve decided to outline exactly what you can and can’t do in GT Sport without an Internet connection.

Can you play Gran Turismo Sport offline?

Technically you can, but it’s not recommended. When you’re offline, you can access Gran Turismo Sport’s suite of Arcade features, which includes races, time trials, drift trials, split-screen multiplayer, and PlayStation VR races. You will, however, not earn credits or experience points while offline, and your progress won’t be saved.

You need to be online to access the remainder of Gran Turismo Sport’s features, such as its single player campaign, photography mode, and – it should go without saying – online multiplayer. As such, while you can technically play Gran Turismo Sport offline, you’re essentially getting a tenth or so of the package. It’s better to think of this title as online-only, similar to Destiny 2 and Overwatch.

Do you need PlayStation Plus to play Gran Turismo Sport?

No. While you will need an active PlayStation Plus membership to play online multiplayer races, you don’t need one to experience the rest of the game. So you’re free to play the single player campaign and access all of the other non-competitive features without a PlayStation Plus connection, but as mentioned above, you do still need to be connected to the Internet.