Also Known As
GT Sport
Number of Players
2 (20 Player Online)
Release Date

PlayStation 4

  • US 17th Oct 2017
  • EU 18th Oct 2017
PSVR Support
PlayStation VR (Required)
Controller Support
Feature Support
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  • Review Gran Turismo Sport (PS4)


    We’ve always taken Gran Turismo’s slogan, “the real driving simulator”, to be something of an underhand admission. Polyphony Digital’s simulation series may have repeatedly set standards in the physics department, but it’s never been much of a racer really – even if flinging a flat-tired Fiat Panda around the auburn Autumn Ring...

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Gran Turismo Sport Guides

  • Guide Can You Play Gran Turismo Sport Offline?

    What if you're not connected to the Internet?

    Gran Turismo Sport is the first instalment in Polyphony Digital’s series to have a heavy online focus. With the title enabling players to earn an authentic FIA license, there’s a level of integrity that needs to be maintained within the game. This means that the title has some huge online...

Gran Turismo Sport News

  • News Gran Turismo Sport's Last Ever PS4 Patch Enables Offline Saves

    Preserving offline play forever

    Gran Turismo Sport, controversially, tied save files to a server – raising understandable preservation concerns, in addition to an abundance of other issues. However, as Polyphony Digital has terminated the title’s online services, it’s released one final patch which will allow existing owners to save their...

  • News Pour One Out for Gran Turismo Sport, Now Delisted from PS Store

    Jumping the gun

    Gran Turismo Sport has been delisted from the PlayStation Store, but it seems a little ahead of schedule. Polyphony Digital's PS4 exclusive was set to get the chequered flag for its online component at the end of January, after a slow sunsetting of DLC starting in December, offline modes remaining playable. This was announced back...

  • News Chequered Flag for Gran Turismo Sport as Online Services Shut Down in January 2024

    Gran Turismo finito

    Sony and Polyphony Digital have announced plans to shut down online servers for PS4 exclusive racing sim, Gran Turismo Sport. The game, which has largely been superseded by Gran Turismo 7, will have its online functionality unplugged from 31st January, 2024. The news was shared on the official Gran Turismo website. Prior to the...

  • News Gran Turismo 7 Will Carry Over Player Data from GT Sport

    Ratings, liveries, and decals included

    If you invested a lot of time into Gran Turismo Sport, you'll be happy to know those hours won't be going to waste once you move onto Gran Turismo 7. Polyphony Digital announced it'll be carrying over lots of player data from the last-gen racer into the sequel, including ratings, liveries, and decals. The...

  • News Sony AI and Polyphony Digital Partner on Enticing Gran Turismo Study

    Deep learning based on visual cues

    A new branch within Sony imaginatively named Sony AI has partnered with Polyphony Digital on a paper which explores the possibility of teaching artificial intelligence how to drive cars in Gran Turismo based on visual cues. The paper, authored by Ryuji Imamura, follows a similar document published in 2020, whereby...

  • News No Pit Stop for GT Sport, As Polyphony Digital Adds Toyota GR 86

    A new car to tide you over to Gran Turismo 7

    You may be forgiven for thinking Polyphony Digital’s full attention would be focused on the upcoming Gran Turismo 7, which will release next year on both the PlayStation 5 and PS4. However, the studio has taken a moment to refresh its existing PS4 simulation racer, with GT Sport adding the Toyota GR 86...

  • News Qualify for the Actual Olympics in GT Sport Now

    Pedal to the medal

    Always dreamed of being an actual Olympic athlete? Well, now you have the opportunity – but you’re going to need to be bloody good at GT Sport to qualify. As reported previously, Polyphony Digital’s simulation racer has been selected as part of the inaugural Olympic Virtual Series, which will see the world’s best players...

  • News Gran Turismo Is Going to the Tokyo Olympics


    Gran Turismo is set to become a bona fide Olympic sport, as it’s been selected as one of the five official partners of the inaugural Olympic Virtual Series, which is slated to take place from 13th May through 23rd June. That’s prior to the delayed Tokyo Olympics, which is currently scheduled to start in July. This will mark the first ever...

  • News Gran Turismo Championships Gears Up for 2021 Season

    Launch control

    The FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships has quietly become a very prestigious eSporting event. Starting off in 2018, drivers have been using Polyphony Digital's PlayStation 4 racing sim Gran Turismo Sport to compete in official tournaments, and the studio has confirmed it'll be returning very soon for the 2021 season. Kazunori...

  • News Gran Turismo Partners with Getty for Virtual E-Sports Photography

    Captured on camera

    As Gran Turismo continues its plunge into e-sports, developer Polyphony Digital has partnered with global photography provider Getty Images to bring virtual snaps to the service. Effectively, specialist motorsport photographers will be able to capture key moments from within Gran Turismo Sport – and, presumably, Gran Turismo 7...

About The Game

The award-winning Real Driving Simulator series speeds onto PlayStation 4 for the first time, putting you on course for high octane thrills to truly get your pulse racing.

Sharing the wheel with FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile), Polyphony Digital has engineered a finely tuned and accessible game that everyone from casual drivers to petrol heads can enjoy.

Buckle up for two online championships – represent your country in the Nations Cup, and drive on behalf of your favourite car maker in the Manufacturer’s Cup.

Can you claim a historic victory in the first video game to be officially recognized as part of the real motoring world?