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This was arguably the biggest week of the PlayStation year so far, with GDC 2016 bringing PlayStation VR date and price details. That news was accompanied by rumours of supercharged PlayStation 4 console, as well as Microsoft's decision to enable cross-platform play. And if all of that wasn't enough, Uncharted 4 went gold, Devil May Cry 5 was rumoured, and, well… Read on.

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Salt and Sanctuary - 8/10

Do not underestimate Salt and Sanctuary: it'll chew you up and spit you back out, drawing from From Software's modern action RPG blueprints and translating the hard-as-nails gameplay to two dimensions. It demands your attention, never holds your hand, and rewards your patience and skill. Some players will find the lack of information too obtuse and difficulty too harsh, and a few cheap enemies and well-hidden traps will certainly frustrate. For those willing to go the distance, however, this is an intricate and fulfilling game just waiting to be conquered. As far as Souls wannabes go, this is one that's certainly worth its salt.

Senran Kagura Estival Versus - 6/10

Senran Kagura Estival Versus doesn't stand out as an action game, but there's more than enough enjoyable content here to keep fans happy. An imaginative character roster and expansive storylines ensure you get enough, er, boing for your buck, and the title's presentation is top notch. As always, if you can look past the game's controversial exterior, you'll find the beating heart of a reasonably solid hack and slasher.

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PlayStation VR PS4 PlayStation 4


Feature: 5 PlayStation VR Games That Have Us Hella Hyped

Now that PlayStation VR's been dated and priced, it's up to Sony to prove to the sceptics among you that you absolutely need one of its hyped headsets on launch day. And while it'll no doubt attempt to prove the peripheral's worth to many of you by taking the hardware on tour, it's the device's launch line-up that's ultimately going to determine how quickly the bulk of you jump on board.

Interview: A Chat About Furi, One of PS4's Most Promising Action Games

Regular readers will know that we've got high hopes for Furi, an upcoming PlayStation 4 action title from independent developer The Game Bakers. Featuring an eye-catching visual style, blistering combat, and one hell of a soundtrack, the release is set to get your pulse pounding when it launches later this year. We caught up with creative director Emeric Thoa, and talked about the inspiration behind Furi, its development, and the studio's relationship with Sony.

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Rumour: Sony's Building a Supercharged PS4 Console

Sony, it seems, is working on a supercharged PlayStation 4 console. A report published by Kotaku – citing a slew of different sources – claims that the Japanese giant is at the very least exploring the possibility of a so-called PS4.5-esque system, which would boost the graphical capabilities of the console, enable 4K resolution, and even enhance the performance of PlayStation VR. Megaton?

PlayStation VR Launches in October for $399

As expected, Sony's just announced that PlayStation VR will launch in October for $399.99 in North America and £349.99 in the UK. The date's a little later than expected, as the platform holder previously said that it was targeting the first half of 2016, but the price is significantly lower than the competition – with both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive retailing for much higher fees. Pre-orders will open starting tonight.

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