Sony's holding a PlayStation VR press event in San Francisco today – though you may be forgiven for not being in the know. Unlike the platform holder's usual presentations, this one actually leaked via IGN. But will the event get a livestream? What time should you be keeping an eye out for news? And what can you expect anyway? Don't worry, little one – we've got your back.

Will the PlayStation VR presentation be livestreamed?

Honest answer? We don't know. Sony's said next to nothing about the event, so it's looking extremely unlikely at this late stage. We'll naturally update this article and provide complete coverage if a stream does emerge, but we don't recommend holding your breath.

When will the PlayStation VR presentation take place?

Even if there is no livestream, you can expect news to filter out of today's press event without doubt. As such, you may want to keep an eye on Push Square around the time that the presentation starts, as we'll bring you all of the big news. The presser's scheduled to begin at the following dates and times:

Tuesday, 15th March 2016

  • 14:00 PM PDT (San Francisco)
  • 17:00 PM EDT (New York)
  • 21:00 PM GMT (London)

Wednesday, 16th March 2016

  • 06:00 AM JST (Tokyo)
  • 08:00 AM AEDT (Sydney)

What should you expect from the PlayStation VR presser?

Chatter online suggests that retailers are beginning to update their PlayStation VR pre-order pages, which would indicate that we may get a price and release date – though it's pure speculation at this stage. An updated launch window seems certain, though, seeing as Sony originally said that the headset would deploy in the first half of 2016 – and the end of June's not too far away now.

We'd also expect updates on launch titles. So far, we've seen many tech demos for the peripheral, but it's time for the platform holder to outline a firmer software roadmap. Is the London Heist going to be a complete game? Will there be any bundled titles? Can we expect any interesting experiences that extend beyond the realm of games? These are all questions that the manufacturer needs to start answering now.