Sony, it seems, is working on a supercharged PlayStation 4 console. A report published by Kotaku – citing a slew of different sources – claims that the Japanese giant is at the very least exploring the possibility of a so-called PS4.5-esque system, which would boost the graphical capabilities of the console, enable 4K resolution, and even enhance the performance of PlayStation VR. Megaton?

Well, it could well be. The site claims that it's heard from several independently verified sources that the platform holder's put plans into motion regarding an upgraded platform. Apparently, it's held meetings with studios at the Game Developers Conference this week to pitch plans about how it would all work. Some sources seem to be of the opinion that it's all "exploratory", however.

That means that, while we trust the reporting by Kotaku that this idea does indeed exist, it may never actually make its way to market. It would be a paradigm shift for the traditional console business if it did, though; exactly how the manufacturer would communicate which games work with which machine would be a gigantic headache. Traditionally, consoles tend to upgrade every five to ten years.

But this is something that Microsoft's been discussing publicly as well, so it would seem that the two companies are more or less on the same page with regards to this. The question is: will it actually happen? And would you be down for a supercharged PS4 to begin with? One thing's for sure: this year's about to get even more interesting than it already is.

Would you upgrade to an enhanced PS4? (304 votes)

Yes, I always want the best possible performance


Maybe, but it would depend what it improved


No, I prefer consoles to last an entire generation


I haven’t even bought the current model yet


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