The relationship between Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment and mega company EA Games is more confounding than a magic eye puzzle. While the latter technically published the former’s brand new first-person franchise, it supposedly did so through the EA Partners programme, which was most recently responsible for failed Insomniac Games shooter Fuse.

Moreover, readers of this site will be well aware that Microsoft muddied the waters a little. In order to push its floundering Xbox One format, the manufacturer purchased console exclusivity for the game – a move which former Infinity Ward founder Vince Zampella didn’t even know about until the ink was dry. Are you keeping up?

This complicated state of affairs means that the inevitable sequel to the online-only escapade could theoretically end up anywhere – but reports suggest that EA Games has secured Titanfall 2 as a result of the title’s early performance on the Xbox One and PC. Interestingly, as the Xbox maker’s exclusivity rights only cover the first game, that means that it could come to the PS4.

It’s widely believed that the publisher only signed the game to Microsoft because it thought that the Redmond-based manufacturer’s machine was going to “eat Sony’s launch”. That hasn’t panned out so far, as the Japanese giant’s newest system already commands a significant sales advantage over its closest competitor’s latest console.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping the organisation from purchasing exclusivity again, but as the PS4’s install base continues to grow, the cost to do so is only going to go up. As a result, it’s probably safe to assume that the shooter will be coming to Sony’s systems at some point. The big question is: how long will you have to wait for the follow-up?

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