For a game that so few seem to be able to coherently explain why it's so fun, Titanfall sure has rocketed in importance since it was announced earlier in the year. Originally thought to be a timed exclusive for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, publisher EA Games recently announced that the title will remain restricted to those three platforms for the entirety of its life. That doesn’t mean that its inevitable sequel isn’t coming to the PlayStation 4, though.

Speaking as part of a lengthy – and, frankly, quite tedious – technology conference overnight, chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen justified the decision to remain exclusive by using every word in the English language other than ‘money’. “There are lots of single-platform titles,” he explained. “Obviously, you work with the first-parties to make sure the economics make sense for all sides, and we made that decision on Titanfall.”

Respawn Entertainment seemed publicly peeved when EA announced that Titanfall wouldn’t be coming to the PS4 – but the company ensures that it's trying to maintain a good relationship with the firm. “We're trying to make sure that we've developed a great relationship with them,” said Jorgensen hesitantly. “We helped them on marketing, and we helped them on development where they need it. And we try to maintain a strong partnership with them over time.” He doesn’t sound so sure.

Still, as already alluded, there’s a very large chance that the next Titanfall will rocket onto Sony’s next generation system. "So obviously it's the first title that's committed to a single platform," concluded the executive. Earlier today, Jorgensen admitted that one in three PS4 launch titles sold this weekend were published by EA. That’s despite the North American company signing partnerships with Microsoft for virtually every game in its portfolio.

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