Titanfall PS4

With an Xbox 360 and PC iteration in the pipeline, Titanfall is not quite the bonafide Xbox One exclusive that Microsoft’s hyping it up to be. However, the Redmond-based manufacturer has ensured that the inaugural iteration in Respawn Entertainment’s first-person franchise will not arrive on the PlayStation 4. What does that mean for the shooter’s inevitable successor, though?

“I think that this might be the last exclusive that you see from a third-party for a long, long time,” explained industry analyst Michael Pachter in the latest episode of Pach-Attack. “I think that had [EA] known at the time that the Xbox One was going to be $100 more than the PS4, I don’t think that they would have done it. I think that they believed that Microsoft was going to kick Sony’s butt this cycle.”

Fascinatingly, the outspoken Wedbush Securities employee added that this was a common opinion in 2012, with then EA chief executive John Riccitiello informing the forecaster as much. “He thought that Microsoft was going to eat Sony’s lunch – but we all thought so,” added the popular industry prophet. “We thought that Xbox 360 had a large loyal install base on multiplayer and we thought that Sony would price about the same as the Xbox One, which I frankly thought would be $400.”

Given that the PS4 is now beginning to run rings around its competitor, Pachter doesn’t believe that EA will be quite so willing to sign away its biggest game again. "I don’t think that you will see EA go exclusive for Titanfall 2,” he continued. “I would guess that this is not a multi-game exclusive deal, it’s just for one – and I think that [the next game] will most definitely come to the PS4.”

Of course, the suit points out that fans of Sony’s fresh format may be waiting a while for the series to arrive on their system of choice. “It probably isn’t going to come out for three years, so it’s probably a 2017 release, but it’ll probably be worth the wait,” he concluded. Can you hold out that long for your helping of mech infused action? Gun us down in the comments section below.

[source gametrailers.com]