The PlayStation Vita may be days away from its Western launch, but Sony’s yet to kick-off any real promotion for the device. Short of the odd poster in dedicated games stores, we’re yet to see any mainstream indication that Sony’s got a new handheld system on the way. That’s a problem: but the marketing campaign is coming, Sony assures.

All $50 million of it.

Dubbed “Never Stop Playing”, the campaign has been designed to target 20-something males. The gizmo will be pushed heavily across social network channels, such as Twitter, with the hashtag #gamechanger linking television ads, billboards and online banners. Speaking to the New York Times, Sony hardware marketing gaffer, John Koller, described the push as Sony’s biggest hardware promotional investment ever.

US TV spots, produced by marketing firm Deutsch, have been designed to show how the Vita "affects you socially” and will hone in on the system’s ability to continue your traditional gaming experience when out and about. They will air during The Simpsons, South Park and basketball games.

Sony’s also planning to purchase promoted Twitter posts which will redirect consumers to the official PlayStation Vita website.

The big question is whether it will be enough. Sony’s marketing endeavours have been pretty lacklustre this generation – with both Microsoft and Nintendo outspending, and perhaps more importantly, outsmarting Sony with their home console promotions.

We’re curious: if you were put in charge of Sony Computer Entertainment with a $50 million budget, how would you market the PlayStation Vita? Suggestions in the comments, please.