Looking for how to get Self-Modeling Resin in Honkai: Star Rail? Self-Modeling Resin is a type of consumable in HoYoverse's turn-based RPG which is used in conjunction with the Omni-Synthesizer to craft Relics with specific primary attributes. On this page, as part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to explain how to get Self-Modeling Resin.

How Do You Get Self-Modeling Resin in Honkai: Star Rail?

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When completing Caverns of Corrosion or the Simulated Universe, any Relics you earn will have random primary statistics and sub-statistics. However, if you combine a Self-Modeling Resin with Relic Remains, you can craft a Relic with your desired primary statistics. It's worth noting, however, that the sub-statistics will still be randomised. Here's how to get Self-Modeling Resin.

Fulfil Your Nameless Honor

Nameless Honor is the Battle Pass system in Honkai: Star Rail, and if you unlock all of its tiers, you can earn a Self-Modeling Resin along the way. Even better, the Self-Modeling Resin is part of the free track of rewards, so you won't need to pay for Nameless Glory to get it.

Complete All Events

Events are time-limited activities in Honkai: Star Rail which can be completed for exclusive rewards. While not every Event in the game is guaranteed to offer Self-Modeling Resin, many do, so pay attention to each Event and make sure you're unlocking all the rewards.

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