Looking for how to get Relics and level them up in Honkai: Star Rail? Relics are effectively a type of clothing that can be equipped by your characters, and while they don't have a cosmetic impact on your squad, they do provide crucial statistical buffs. On this page, as part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to explain how to get Relics and level them up.

How Do You Get Relics and Level Them Up in Honkai: Star Rail?

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Relics are equippable items that provide statistical boosts to characters, including HP, Attack, Speed, Defence, and more. Attributes vary on a case-by-case basis, but each Relic belongs to a specific set. Equipping two or four Relics from the same set to a character will provide a passive boost. There are usually four types of Relic in each set, usually consisting of a body piece, a leg piece, a head piece, and a wrist piece. Characters can also equip Planar Ornaments which are earned from the Simulated Universe. Relics vary from 3-Star to 5-Star rarity, with the less common options providing greater base stats.

How to Get Relics

Relics are unlocked upon completing the Trailblaze Mission named Ones Fallen into the Abyss. There are two Relic types: Cavern Relics and Planar Ornaments. Below we're going to explain how to get Relics.

Complete Caverns of Corrosion

Caverns of Corrosion are a system in the game whereby you're able to spend Trailblaze Power on combat gauntlets that include Relics as a primary reward, alongside Trailblaze EXP. This is one of the main and most reliable methods of earning Relics in the game.

Tackle the Simulated Universe

While the initial phases of the Simulated Universe do not offer Relics as a reward, once you reach World 3 you'll be able to earn Planar Ornaments which scale up to 5-Star rarity once you reach the higher difficulty tiers.

Use the Synthesizer

The Omni-Synthesizer is unlocked fairly early into your adventure aboard the Astral Express, but once you reach Equilibrium Level 3 you'll unlock the ability to effectively synthesize your own Relics. This allows you to expend Self-Modeling Resin to design Relics with custom statistical attributes, allowing you to target the specific needs of your squad.

Open Treasure Chests

It won't come as a huge surprise, but some treasure chests you find across the galaxy will contain Relics inside them. While this isn't the most consistent and dependable way of expanding your inventory of equippable goods, you should be opening treasure chests when given the opportunity anyway, so you may as well reap the rewards.

Spend at Shops

Each destination you arrive at while riding the Astral Express will have a shop, and it'll usually accept a special type of currency you'll earn by opening treasure chests, defeating enemies, and completing Missions. Many of these shops will be selling Relics, so be sure to spend liberally. The more you spend at a specific shop, the more rewards you'll receive overall, including Star Rail Passes.

Finish Your Operation Briefings

Operation Briefings are effectively an in-game mechanism designed to encourage you to explore all of the content in the game. Completing select Operation Briefings will reward you with a full set of Relics you can use to equip on your characters.

Upgrade Your Trailblaze Level

It won't come as an enormous surprise but Relics are a reward you'll receive when you upgrade your Trailblaze Level. All you need to do is speak to Pom Pom on the Astral Express each time your level increases to reap these rewards. Do keep in mind that in some instances you'll need to raise your Equilibrium Level in order to increase your Trailblaze Level.

How to Level Up Relics

Relics can be levelled up using Relic EXP Materials, which include substances such as Lost Crystals, and can be obtained in a variety of different ways as outlined on the How to Get Relic EXP Materials page. The rarest Relics can be upgraded to a maximum of +15.

You can also exchange unwanted or unneeded Relics as Relic EXP Materials, and you can automatically add Relics up to a specific rarity rating on the equipment upgrades menu screen. As you'll be earning a lot of Relics through gameplay, you'll likely only need to keep your highest value ones, so it's a good idea to exchange any others as Relic EXP Materials to boost the ones you do intend to use.

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