20. Horizon Forbidden West (PS4)

With Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games had to deliver something pretty special to top the beloved first game. Fortunately, by improving on its weakest areas and tightening the design, the sequel more than lives up to Aloy's debut adventure. A huge, varied open world is home to not only brilliant new machines to fight, but also some of the series' most interesting and fleshed out human tribes. Between beautiful settlements, old world ruins, and natural environments, the world is a pleasure to explore with Aloy's new traversal methods. The main story manages to pack in some big surprises while the supporting characters and missions are vastly improved, and there's more than ever to do outside of some of the best combat in any open world title. It's, somehow, a better game than Zero Dawn in almost every way.

19. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4)

It's hard to fault the Uncharted PS3 trilogy — especially when all three games have been neatly compiled into one remastered package. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is a no-brainer if you're on the market for cinematic action. While the first Uncharted is a bit shaky by more modern standards, it's still interesting to revisit the adventure that started it all. Meanwhile, Uncharted 2 and 3 remain genre-defining in a lot of ways, which is a testament to Naughty Dog's commitment to quality.

18. Persona 5 (PS4)

Persona 5 is the game responsible for catapulting Atlus' role-playing series into mainstream success. Unparalleled in terms of style, it's a landmark RPG that perfectly fuses its various gameplay elements together. It's worth noting, however, that the original Persona 5 has been made pretty much redundant by Persona 5 Royal — a greatly enhanced re-release that turns an already superb title into a true masterpiece.

17. Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut (PS4)

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut repackages one of the greatest open world games of the PS4 era. A breakout hit for first-party developer Sucker Punch, this expanded re-release includes a new idyllic samurai sandbox named Iki Island, and forces protagonist Jin Sakai to face some painful memories. This is the definitive version of one of PlayStation Studios’ crowning PS4 achievements.

16. Astro Bot Rescue Mission (PS4)

Team Asobi has refined the potential teased in The Playroom VR with the staggering Astro Bot Rescue Mission, a virtual reality platformer spread across 20 fantasy levels. By building its stages around you in 360-degrees and stereoscopic 3D, the title manages a level of immersion impossible on a standard display, all the while delivering best in class gameplay and some of the most charming art you’ll find on the PS4 full-stop. A sensationally strong effort, and by far one of the best games on PSVR.

15. Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4)

Insomniac had quite a job on its hands with this one, but the end result is an immense success. This PS4 adventure nails almost every aspect of the red and blue superhero — the web swinging feels amazing, the combat is kinetic and fluid, and the cast of characters is strong across the board. The studio's original tale isn't afraid to mix things up, and it's all the better for it, taking what we know about Spidey and twisting it into something familiar yet fresh. Impossible to put down and fun from start to finish, Marvel's Spider-Man is a real triumph.

14. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster (PS4)

A true, unmistakable classic, Final Fantasy VI set the bar for the series going forward. It was, of course, followed by the staggering success of Final Fantasy VII, but even today, VI remains an example of Final Fantasy at its absolute best. Its characters are still brilliant, its storytelling is still masterful, and from a gameplay perspective, there's so much to admire. While VI isn't as strongly associated with PlayStation as its successors, it'll always demand respect.

13. Yakuza 0 (PS4)

Yakuza 0 is largely regarded as one of the best games in SEGA's crime drama franchise. It takes place in 1980s Japan during the country's economic boom, and the vibes help set it apart from its brethren. The story steals the show, though — a brilliantly twisty tale that involves both series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima, before the latter became known as the Mad Dog. Packed with fantastic minigames, crazy side quests, and amazing boss fights, Yakuza 0 is an absolute gem.

12. Final Fantasy VII (PS4)

The game that made Final Fantasy the juggernaut property that it is today, Final Fantasy VII is still the most popular and most revered instalment in Square's series. Now, let's be real for a just a minute: there are parts of Final Fantasy VII that have not aged well. The visuals are all over the place and the controls are wonky, but it's a classic RPG that's still fit to burst with charm and quality. Its battle and materia systems are timeless, and its cast of characters is outstanding. There's a reason why Square Enix is still milking Final Fantasy VII nearly 25 years after its original release.

11. Resident Evil 2 (PS4)

Resident Evil 2 is the quintessential remake. Understanding what made the PS1 classic so unforgettable back in 1998, it faithfully recreates that survival horror experience and takes it to new heights two decades later. The Raccoon Police Department has never looked better, but the undead zombies it houses are more frightening than ever. Mr X takes on a new lease of life as he patrols Raccoon City, but the sort of weaponry at your disposal might just be enough to match him. It may leave some features and enemies by the wayside, but Resident Evil 2 successfully brings back that classic, memorable experience — turning it into an instant classic on PS4.

10. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4)

A modern masterpiece and Rockstar's best ever game, Red Dead Redemption 2 raises the bar for open world design. As if that wasn't enough, it also has one of the best told stories in gaming, stuffed with memorable characters, moments, and missions. Unbelievably polished and absurdly detailed, it rivals Naughty Dog's finest in its obsession with excellence. Mature, bold, and gripping from start to finish, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that every PS4 owner should play.

9. Bloodborne (PS4)

The spiritual successor to FromSoftware's supremely popular Dark Souls property, Bloodborne fuses the lip-smackingly satisfying combat of its predecessors with a frighteningly fast pace, resulting in the most intense action on the PS4. Harrowing Lovecraftian-like fiends and larger-than-life bosses vie for the attention of your Saw Blade, as the dingy districts of Yharnam intertwine. A steep difficulty curve can make this occasionally putrid escapade appear off-putting, but soldier through the skin and sinew and you'll find a bloodbath worth submerging in.

8. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

Sucker Punch has crafted one of the best open world games on PS4 with Ghost of Tsushima. A supremely atmospheric adventure that tells the story of a fallen samurai named Jin Sakai, it's bolstered by immensely satisfying, slick combat and a dramatic story. In many ways, this is the first party studio's Horizon Zero Dawn moment — it's a project that goes beyond what Sucker Punch has previously attempted, and sets a new bar for the team in terms of quality and vision. Ghost of Tsushima sees off the PS4 in serious style.

7. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (PS4)

If you're into Japanese RPGs, they don't come much better than Dragon Quest XI. This modernised take on Square Enix's stone cold classic formula doesn't ditch the old school gameplay that the series is built upon. Instead, it expands on almost everything, resulting in the most ambitious Dragon Quest yet in terms of character depth, storytelling chops, and turn based combat design. An immensely charming adventure that'll keep you playing for 100 hours or more. Its enhanced re-release, Dragon Quest XI S, has even more story, if that's your thing.

6. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4)

A fitting end to one of PlayStation's finest franchises, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End spins a more mature yarn without losing any of the bombast that has defined the brand over the past decade. Naughty Dog proves yet again that its lightyears ahead of all other developers in the story-telling stakes, and while some slow pacing may put off adrenaline junkies, the Californian company deserves kudos for allowing its latest to breathe, building towards a crescendo that feels both final and fulfilling.

5. Mass Effect Legendary Edition (PS4)

It took an entire generation to actually happen, but Mass Effect Legendary Edition finally gives us what we've always wanted: a remastered collection of the original Mass Effect trilogy. Commander Shepard's sci-fi escapades still hold up, with a cast of excellent characters carrying a three whole games' worth of memorable missions. Legendary Edition does a great job of bringing some much needed polish to the first Mass Effect, while also adding a welcome sheen to its sequels. An absolute must for anyone who's looking to become absorbed in a spacefaring adventure.

4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS4)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the game that every RPG will be measured against going forward - and we don't think that it'll be beaten for quite some time to come. Using its vast open world as shockingly well realised set dressing rather than a map that houses a tedious amount of objective markers, CD Projekt Red's masterpiece is all killer and no filler. Side quests are just as fleshed out as the main story, and your choices can have severe consequences throughout. Add in two expansions that are better than most full games, and you have the complete RPG package.

3. Persona 5 Royal (PS4)

The best Japanese RPG on PS4 just got even better with Persona 5 Royal. The original Persona 5 was already a masterpiece for many, but this greatly enhanced and significantly expanded re-release is basically Persona perfection. Balancing elements of everyday life simulation with amazing turn based combat and a lot of cool dungeon crawling, it's a truly immaculate title. Brilliantly cohesive, refined, and quite possibly the most stylish game in existence.

2. The Last of Us Remastered (PS4)

Some of the finest of feathers in Naughty Dog's well-groomed plume, The Last of Us Remastered is not just an improved version of one of PlayStation's greatest ever games – it's arguably one of the most impressive releases of all time. An all-rounder that marries tense gameplay with compelling characterisation and sublime presentation, Joel and Ellie's cross-country escapade is as sombre as it is heart-warming.

1. God of War (PS4)

They only went and did it, didn’t they? God of War was as washed up as a Greek god after the fall of Olympus, but Sony Santa Monica found a way to reinvent protagonist Kratos and inject him into an all-new mythology at the same time. This alternate take on PlayStation’s bald-headed barbarian leans heavily on story, but it never forgets what made the series sing to begin with: fantastic action, larger-than-life set-pieces, and a fantasy world that’s begging to be explored. For our money it's the best PS4 exclusive on the market.

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