Best PS4 Walking Simulators PlayStation 4 Guide

What are the best PS4 walking simulators? It's a curious genre of story-driven games that's become pretty popular. Favouring compelling narratives over intricate gameplay, walking sims are often peaceful experiences that don't require a lot of input. Over the years, lots of brilliant walking simulators have released that are well worth your time. In this list, we're going to take a look at our favourite walking sims on PS4, but be sure to also check out the best PS4 games through the link.

Best PS4 Walking Simulators

Below is a full list of the best PS4 walking simulators. These are our favourites in the genre, as determined by our editorial team.

10. Ether One (PS4)

Ether One is a heart-wrenching tale that tackles the delicate subject of mental illness. This walking sim is a bit rough around the edges, but the premise of entering the mind of a dementia patient in order to try and restore their memories is enticing. The end result plays out similarly to Gone Home, with exploration and environmental storytelling the order of the day. It’s a valiant effort to tell a thought-provoking story, and it was clearly made with a lot of passion.

9. Blackwood Crossing (PS4)

PaperSeven’s ambitious walking simulator might not be as tightly put together as some of the games higher up this list, but it still manages to tell an emotional tale, and attempts to do so in an unconventional way. It follows two orphaned siblings, Scarlett and Finn, and you need to figure out why their relationship is drifting apart by piecing together past conversations. The presentation elevates the title with environments that bleed into each other, giving the game an ethereal feel that’ll keep you engaged.

8. Layers of Fear (PS4)

Perfectionism can be a curse, and Layers of Fear leans on this idea hard. Taking inspiration from Hideo Kojima’s now-iconic Silent Hills teaser PT, this slow walk through a haunted house cleverly uses its first-person perspective to keep you on edge. While the writing can’t keep up with its Oscar Wilde-inspired premise, this is a harrowing trip into the mind of an artist gone mad.

7. Dear Esther

Originally created as a Source mod, The Chinese Room’s minimalistic Dear Esther is one of the walking simulator’s founding forays. Set on a mysterious island, your task is to explore the environment, listening to a series of letter fragments regarding a lady named Esther. It’s through these snippets of prose that the interpretative tale unfolds, and it’s down to you to draw your own conclusions on the story as a whole.

6. Firewatch (PS4)

One of the most anticipated walking simulators of all time, Firewatch launched amid a tidal wave of enthusiasm. Set in the Wyoming wilderness in the late 80s, you play as a park ranger who strikes up a poignant relationship with supervisor Delilah via walkie-talkies. The entire title sees you communicating with the other character, selecting dialogue options that shape the relationship. While its sub-plots fail to really surprise, it’s the relatable and real relationship between two ageing adults that makes this story shine.