Best Free Games on PS4 PlayStation 4 Guide
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What are the best free games on PS4? Of the thousands of games available on Sony's console, some are available to all players for no cost whatsoever. If you want to try something new without whipping your wallet out, there are lots of great free-to-play titles on PS4 that pose no risk to your bank balance.

The era of free-to-play games really got properly started on PS4, with many examples popping up over the years. Almost all of them are focused on online multiplayer of some kind, pitting players against each other in competitive and co-operative settings. They're incredibly popular due to their low bar for entry — in fact, some of the biggest games in the world don't cost a penny. Anyone heard of Fortnite or Call of Duty Warzone?

While there are many free games featuring guns and warfare, there's definitely some variety to be found. Fall Guys is a fantastic all-ages option, as is the brilliant soc-car game Rocket League, and who doesn't love The Sims 4? Again, there are some excellent games you can play on PS4 for free. So, which are the best?

That's where you come in. As with all our lists, this feature is driven by our community. The games that appear in this list, and the order in which they're ranked, is based purely on the user ratings of our readers. That means that, as the scores go up and down, the games will move accordingly, making this a dynamic, ever-evolving page that'll reflect your views. If you want to make a difference, use the search bar below to find and rate some free PS4 games. Alternatively, you can visit any game's page and click the star to leave a rating.

One thing to note is that a game will need at least 10 ratings before it shows up on this page. If your favourite free-to-play game isn't showing on the list, it probably just needs some more ratings.

So, without further ado, here are the best free games on PS4, as chosen by you.

15. Fallout Shelter (PS4)

The Fallout series has always been about the RPG experience — going out into the nuclear wasteland and making your way in the world. However, Fallout Shelter takes a very different approach. In this neat free-to-play title, it's your job to build and manage a shelter for an ever-growing population. Keep your people happy, fed, and alive as you slowly construct a sprawling underground empire. With an aesthetic based around the series' iconic Pip Boy character, it's a lighthearted alternative to exploring the outside.

14. PUBG: Battlegrounds (PS4)

The original Battle Royale title — no, it wasn't you Fortnite — might be very much showing its age at this point, but there's still a certain charm to its hardcore gameplay loop. This battle to be the last player standing can be fought with anything from frying pans to full-on assault rifles, and with so many maps to choose from, there's a good variety to it. PUBG will always hold a place in history after it set the gaming world on fire, just don't expect it to truly stack up against more recent efforts.

13. Fortnite (PS4)

Not just a game but a cultural touchstone, even those who don’t play Epic Games’ world-beating Fortnite will be aware of its existence. Beginning life as a cartoony co-op game, its developer saw an opportunity as PUBG took the world by storm, and it hasn’t looked back since. Fast-paced arcade gameplay with a unique construction hook means that there’s depth beyond this release’s child-friendly aesthetic. But it’s the way in which the title’s evolved, playing host to live concerts and map-changing events that have made it more of a social experience than a mere online shooter.

12. Neverwinter (PS4)

Free-to-play MMORPGs can be very hit and miss, but Neverwinter's a solid option if you're on the market for a test run — or if you're really into Dungeons & Dragons. It's received a lot of significant updates over the years, and although its monetisation model has been a point of contention at times, there's still a huge amount of adventuring on offer here.

11. Brawlhalla (PS4)

In this free to play fighting game, you play as one of many legendary characters battling for their chance to enter Valhalla. It plays out similarly to a certain other popular 2D brawler — you defeat your opponents by knocking them out of the arena or off screen with a simple set of moves. There are lots of characters to choose from, each with their own movesets to master, and you can enjoy the game either locally or online. It even features a few alternate modes if you ever tire of the traditional method of beating each other up. Slickly presented, constantly updated, and lots of fun to play, Brawlhalla is PS4's best free fighter.