Best PS4 Graphics

What are the best PS4 graphics? There are many handsome games on the PlayStation 4, but in this article we’re going to list the titles that truly dazzle with both their artistic and technical achievements. Whether it’s sprawling open worlds or densely detailed cinematic adventures, these are the best looking games you’ll find on Sony’s system. For a more comprehensive guide to the best PS4 games, click through the link.

Best PS4 Graphics

Below is a full list of games with the best PS4 graphics, in no particular order. These are the visual highlights on Sony's console, as determined by our editorial team.

The Last Guardian (PS4)

It chugs on even a PS4 Pro, but there are set-pieces in The Last Guardian far beyond anything even all-star developers like Naughty Dog have attempted. The star of the show is Trico, who’s both believable and enormous; more importantly, the cat-bird is delicately intertwined into every facet of the gameplay design. Watching as two giant animals battle on a collapsing bridge makes for jaw-dropping entertainment – it’s no wonder director Fumito Ueda was unable to realise his vision on the PS3.

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Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4)

Rocksteady's conclusion to its Arkham trilogy arrived pretty early in PS4's lifespan, but it remains a mighty fine game to look at. Sure, it's dark, but everything from the neon signs to the way the Dark Knight's cape billows in the wind as you glide to the ground is sumptuous. This goes to show that strong art direction can often trump sheer graphical power, as while it's no slouch technically, there aren't too many games with such a clear visual identity.

Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

Insomniac's action platformer duo has always aimed for that animated movie vibe, but with the latest Ratchet & Clank on PS4, it gets closer than ever. This family friendly title is a treat for the eyes with its vivid colours, expressive characters, and crisp image quality. Liberal use of special effects and masterful animation means it holds those good looks in motion, too. It might be heavily stylised, but it's undeniable that this is up there with the best visual feasts on the platform.

The Last of Us: Part II (PS4)

Naughty Dog is known for being a technical powerhouse in the industry, but with The Last of Us: Part II it set a new benchmark. Ellie’s sophomore outing is a suitably moody adventure, but it stuns with moments of breath-taking scenery, and manages to capture scenes of real beauty – even amid the apocalypse. Where this sequel truly astounds, though, is in its density. Each environment is thoughtfully crafted, with thousands of unique environmental art assets used to tell the stories of the people that inhabited them.

Resident Evil 2 (PS4)

It may date back to 1998, but there’s nothing retro about Resident Evil 2’s stunning remake. The Raccoon Police Department is a masterful location, packed with iconic decorations that help you to learn its layout. Motion capture also means that protagonists Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield feel more realistic than ever before, while the sturdy framerate lends itself to excellent controller response.