What are the best PS4 Metroidvania games? We ask because there’s never a bad time to indulge in such 2D platforming adventures, especially those that place emphasis on powering-up, exploring a large map, and often a fair amount of backtracking. Yes, if you enjoy discovering secrets and don’t mind getting lost every so often, a Metroidvania is the ideal genre that only continues to grow in popularity. From 8-bit throwbacks to Wild Western spins, as part of our guide to the Best PS4 Games list we’ll be covering the best PS4 Metroidvania games currently out there. And don’t forget that all the following play great on PS5, too.

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Best PS4 Metroidvania Games

Below is our list of best PS4 Metroidvania games. These are our favourite Metroidvanias on PS4, as selected by our editorial team. Please note that this is an evolving list, so it will grow and change over time.

10. Iconoclasts (PS4)

Not only does Iconoclasts work absolute wonders with pixel art, but it ranks as one of the best PS4 Metroidvania games (that also plays great on PS Vita), too. Using your giant golden wrench to swing across nuts and bolts is simply too much fun, as is making your way through this attractive mechanical world that features over 20 different bosses to tackle. Piecing this plot together means taking down all of them in this glitzy 16-bit Metroidvania that is extremely smooth to play.

9. Shadow Complex Remastered (PS4)

It certainly isn’t the most colourful Metroidvania, but Shadow Complex near single-handedly re-ignited the genre back when it released in 2009 and plays better than ever in its remastered version. Its 2.5D presentation lets it play with depth as well as design in terms of the map, giving its hero the gift of auto-aim alongside a suite of other skills you can unlock with XP. Rarely will you find a PS4 Metroidvania with such a focus on guns, but Shadow Complex Remastered more than makes it work.

8. Headlander (PS4)

An unabashed love letter to cult classic B-movies from the 1960s, Headlander from Double Fine easily lives up to the studio’s zany brand of humour. This is a Metroidvania where you’re very much encouraged to lose your head, detaching and reattaching it so as to zoom around, commandeer robot bodies and solve puzzles. Such comedic acts you perform in the effort to prevent a maniacal AI from taking over, easily ranking this as one of the quirkiest PS4 Metroidvania games out there.

7. Blasphemous (PS4)

Hard-as-nails PS4 Metroidvania games don’t get more punishing than Blasphemous. It serves as a darkly descent into a gruesome medieval world, where just one ill-laced sword swipe is enough to send you back ages. Push on, though, and you’ll discover an intricate tale full of fulfilling combat and discoverable secrets, all as you aim to rid this twisted world of its sins. Key to seeing all this grizzly Metroidvania has to offer is learning the attack patterns of enemies and being patient.

6. Dead Cells (PS4)

If at first you don’t succeed, die and die again. That’s the lesson PS4 players learned quickly in Dead Cells. It’s a unique entry in the Metroidvania genre because its dungeon is procedurally generated, meaning you never know quite what to expect each time you try to break out. It’s pixel-perfect aesthetic renders it a visual feast, but its nature to also favour certain rogue-lite aspects makes Dead Cells punishing as it is beautiful. Thankfully, you’ll grow stronger the more you play.