Welcome to 2022! The site's official Game of the Year top 10 list is now complete, but we still have the community's results to share with you tomorrow. There's still one more day of GOTY fun left! If you happened to get a PlayStation 5 for Christmas or a bunch of new games to play, we don't blame you for not checking the site and keeping up with our countdown and associated write-ups. Therefore, here's a handy recap of our top 10 list.

We also handed out a number of individual awards to celebrate the best-in-class games of 2021. You can read those articles below.

Thank you for following along with our coverage, and we hope you agree with our official top 10! If not, you've always got the community's Game of the Year list tomorrow. And if you don't agree with that then, well, we don't really know what to tell you. Thanks for visiting Push Square regardless!