Game of the Year Hitman 3

Here’s the thing: you can’t detach Hitman 3 from the World of Assassination Trilogy as a whole. IO Interactive has created something unprecedented across two console generations here: a collection of stealth playgrounds, each intricately designed and brimming with murderous potential. Not getting caught has never felt this good – and we checked by consulting with a number of famous philanderers.

Even on its own this is a devilishly good slice of tongue-in-cheek espionage action. New locations include a glittering tower resort in the Middle East, purpose built for oil tycoons and the types of toffs who blow their noses with dollar bills. Then there’s a futuristic robotics lab nestled underneath a rain-slicked Chinese street, and even an illegal rave in an abandoned German factory.

Every mission has a distinctive sense of place, perhaps none more so than Dartmoor, which doubles as an episode of Murder She Wrote. There may be better constructed levels in the series as a whole – Sapienza remains a high-point that’s hard to top – but IO Interactive playfully toys with the series’ established rules, making Agent 47 the prey in the aforementioned Deutschland disco, for example.

The fact that you can import all of your content from past releases and mix-and-match your kit as you see fit makes for a limitless sandbox with endless replay value. If you think you can do it, you probably can. Consider that the PS4 version also includes full, tailor-made support for Sony’s PSVR headset, and you have an unbeatable package here – not just one of the Games of the Year, but potentially, when the dust has settled, one of the Greatest of All Time.

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