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  • News Sony Could At the Very Least Remember to Refresh PS Vita's Store

    Old and outdated

    Stardew Valley launched on the PS Vita this week, but you wouldn’t know it if you opened the PlayStation Store application – in the UK, at least. The same is true of other moderately high-profile releases like VA-11 HALL-A as well. Where every new game used to get added to the storefront’s “latest” list, it seems that the...

  • News Sony: We're Exploring What Our Customers Want from Portable Gaming

    Good luck with that

    The last time Sony talked about handheld gaming, former PlayStation president Andrew House ruled out the possibility of a PS Vita successor, while Worldwide Studios bigwig said that the “climate was not healthy” for portable gaming. While we still believe that statement to be generally accurate – the Nintendo Switch is a...

  • News PS4 Pro Stock Is Scarily Low in the UK Right Now

    Fight for the right to 4K

    If you’re in the market for a spangly new PlayStation 4 Pro and you live in the UK, then good luck finding one. Stock has been on the short side for some time now, and while major retailers like Tesco and Currys have recently received new shipments, the system is only available through third-parties at

  • News This Is One Way to Tease Ghost of Tsushima's E3 2018 Showcase

    Sword up, son

    Ghost of Tsushima is one of the four games that Sony’s set to showcase at its E3 2018 press conference, and much like with Death Stranding and The Last of Us: Part II, the company putting out that information early has allowed Sucker Punch to start teasing. Take this photograph

  • News Days Gone Dev Sony Bend Talked About Making an inFAMOUS Game for PS Vita

    Plus an Uncharted: Golden Abyss PS4 remaster

    Game Informer's month of coverage on Days Gone is drawing to a close with one last video interview, in which a trio of Sony Bend devs answer reader-submitted questions. It's definitely worth a watch for anyone wondering about framerate, cut-scenes, and other small details about the open world title...

  • Talking Point What Free June 2018 PS Plus Games Do You Want?

    When will June 2018's PlayStation Plus lineup be revealed?

    What’s the June 2018 PlayStation Plus lineup? When will the June 2018 PS Plus lineup be announced? All questions you’re probably pondering as another month edges closer to its conclusion and E3 2018 lurks tantalisingly on the horizon. In this article, we’re going to share all of the...

  • News New Weekend Deals Hit European PlayStation Store

    Assassin's Creed Origins! Wolfenstein II! The Witcher 3!

    Fancy something new for the weekend? Sony has just unleashed a handful of new discounts on some pretty big titles, but only for the next couple of days. The likes of Assassin's Creed Origins, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Destiny 2, and more have been reduced, and some of the savings are...

  • News Sony Extends UEFA Champions League Sponsorship

    Les grandes équipes

    PlayStation hoardings have been a part of the UEFA Champions League since 1997, and they’re not going anywhere for another three years. Sony has announced that it’s extended its sponsorship of the elite European club competition, meaning that we’re probably going to see PlayStation 5 banners before the relationship needs...

  • News Death Stranding: It's Too Complicated, Too Crazy, Too Beautiful

    Mads Mikkelsen on Hideo Kojima's upcoming exclusive

    Death Stranding star Mads Mikkelsen has been speaking to Total Film about the forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive. In an interview at the Cannes film festival for the premiere of his new movie Arctic, the Danish actor described the game as complicated, crazy, and beautiful. He also spoke about the...

  • News This Spider-Man PS4 Billboard in Los Angeles Is Bad Ass


    No expense is being spared marketing Insomniac Games’ new Spider-Man title it seems, and in addition to the absolutely enormous mural that Sony’s erected for E3 2018, it’s also splashed out on this amazing animated billboard which overlooks a junction in Los Angeles. The eye-grabbing full-motion video wraps around a building, and is...

  • News God of War Surpasses 5 Million Units in a Month

    King Kratos

    God of War is a smash hit of the highest magnitude. Following on from the title’s impressive launch, where it sold 3.1 million units in just three days, PlayStation chief John Kodera has revealed that its numbers have now surpassed five million units in its first month on sale. To put this into perspective, it’s already more or less...

  • News A PSX 2017 Prop Nearly Gave Away a Late Game Secret in God of War

    You are not ready

    The third video in the God of War director's commentary series is here, and before we go any further, beware: the video shows footage from well into the game, and concerns a story moment you won't want spoiled. So, spoilers! Cory Barlog is back to speak about a pivotal moment in Santa Monica's latest, and as usual, it's a great...

  • News Sony Is Thinking About a PSone Classic Console

    Yes please

    SNK announced recently that it would be producing a NeoGeo Classic Edition to celebrate its 40th anniversary, and rumours are rife regarding a potential Nintendo 64 Classic Mini. These micro-consoles have proven to be vastly popular, and naturally, we've pondered whether Sony would ever produce an equivalent for the PSone. According to...

  • Guide Detroit: Become Human FAQ - Everything You Need to Know

    All your questions answered

    Detroit: Become Human drops on the PlayStation 4 soon, and we’ve put together a huge FAQ explaining everything you need to know about Quantic Dream’s latest narrative adventure. While it’s been several years since this sci-fi story was revealed, the French developer’s been keeping quite a bit information under its...

  • News Japan Studio Announces Stunning PSVR Exclusive Platformer

    Astro Bot Rescue Mission looks outstanding

    Ask nicely enough, and ye shall receive: 18 months ago we begged Japan Studio to expand The Playroom VR’s incredible Robot Rescue minigame into a full length PlayStation VR platformer – and here it is. Astro Bot Rescue Mission looks every inch the vibrant virtual reality Super Mario-style adventure that...

  • News Detroit: Become Human Pre-Load Is Now Live on PS4

    Prepare for launch

    Have you pre-ordered Detroit: Become Human via the PlayStation Store? If you have, you'll now be able to download Quantic Dream's latest adventure to your PS4 ready for launch on 25th May. The game weighs in at about 42.5GB, and if you have automatic downloads enabled, it should already be ticking along. If you don't, you can...

  • News Another Slew of Discounts Is Heading to European PS Store Today

    It never ends

    We'll never be safe from Sony's relentless parade of sales, and this week is to be no different. Starting today, you'll be able to save up to 60% on a wide variety of games. Titles like PES 2018, Watch Dogs 2, and DiRT 4 have some very generous discounts, and while not all the deals are quite as good, there are definitely some great...

  • News Sony Commits Support to PS4 Through 2021

    And probably beyond

    While the PlayStation 4 may be entering the final phase of its lifecycle, Sony intends to support the system through 2021 and potentially beyond. The platform holder pledged support to the platform as part of a mid-term corporate strategy report, which spans now through 31st March, 2021. Realistically, the console will probably...

  • News New Licensed Pro PS4 Controller Announced - Why Doesn't Sony Just Make One?

    There's clearly a demand

    A new, officially licensed PlayStation 4 'pro' controller has been revealed, this time from Scuf Gaming. The company's known for crafting custom pads, and the Scuf Vantage comes with all of the bells and whistles that you'd expect. Except the left analog stick is stuck up at the top. Ugh. To be fair, the Vantage sounds...

  • News Detroit: Become Human's Launch Trailer Readies You for the Android Revolution

    Sent from CyberLife

    Nothing stops the PlayStation 4 exclusive party, eh? God of War’s only just released, but Detroit: Become Human is now days away. Quantic Dream’s narrative adventures are always a subject of much division among the gaming community, but if you’ve enjoyed the likes of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls in the past, then...

  • News PS4 'Entering Final Phase of Its Life' Says Sony CEO

    Beginning of the end

    The PlayStation 4 is nearing the end of its life cycle, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera. Speaking at the company's latest investor meeting, Kodera's statement comes as no real surprise. After all, the PS4 will turn five years old this November. The question, then, is how long will this "final phase"...

  • News PlayStation VR Is Growing, But Virtual Reality Is Stumbling

    Company keeping expectations realistic

    PlayStation VR is doing well, but virtual reality as a whole is stumbling. Former PlayStation president Andrew House talked about this prior to his departure; Sony is absolutely dominating the fledgling medium, but the company needs growth across the entire sector for it to properly take off. In other words,...

  • News Sony Promises More First-Party PlayStation Exclusives

    Doubling down

    Sony is having a huge amount of success with its first-party exclusives this generation, and in promising news for us PlayStation fans, the company’s hinted that it will be doubling down on this area of the business. Speaking at an investors relations day overnight, CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said that the company aims to strengthen its...

  • News Hideo Kojima Teases Death Stranding E3 2018 Trailer with Screenshot of Moss

    Why not

    The ever-enigmatic Death Stranding is one of Sony's four flagship exclusives we'll be seeing more of at E3 2018, and the mind behind the madness, Hideo Kojima, has been teasing a new trailer on Twitter recently. In response to Neil Druckmann's tweet, itself building excitement for The Last of Us: Part II at Sony's showcase, Kojima

  • News WipEout Omega Collection Demo Zooms to PS4

    Test pilot

    WipEout Omega Collection may be a simple remaster, but it's still one of PS4's best racing games, offering blisteringly fast, buttery smooth gameplay and a generous amount of content. The recent virtual reality update makes it even more enticing for those with PlayStation VR, especially as it happens to be one of the headset's best...

  • News Delicious Dreams Screens Showcase PS4 Exclusive's Creative Potential

    The war against reality

    Dreams allows you to make anything you can, well, dream of. Unlike similar creation engines, Media Molecule’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive allows you to create assets, animate objects, program gameplay mechanics, and even compose music. It’s a fully-fledged game engine powered by the DualShock 4, and here are just a...

  • News Days Gone Pushing PS4 to Its Limits, Says Sony Bend

    Wants to be best in class

    Days Gone is undoubtedly a looker, but on a console with titles like God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn, it’s perhaps not the prettiest product in the pipeline. Of course, there’s much more going on behind-the-scenes in Sony Bend’s open world apocalypse, and speaking as part of Game Informer’s month-long coverage,...

  • News Dreams Will Now Support PlayStation VR at Launch

    Dream in three dimensions

    Media Molecule had announced that Dreams’ anticipated PlayStation VR support would not be available until after launch, but a round of previews released today has hinted that virtual reality functionality will be included from day one. PSU got the scoop, but the British developer retweeted the site’s story, so that...

  • Guide When Is Sony PlayStation's E3 2018 Press Conference?

    Confirmed games and more

    Sony PlayStation confused everyone with the announcement of its E3 2018 press conference, but now that the dust has settled we have a much clearer picture of what the company intends to show. For many of you, this will be the “big one”, so you’re going to want to know and where you’ll be able to watch the PlayStation...

  • Feature The Best PS2 Classics That Need to Come to PS4

    Greatest hits

    Sony’s commitment to its PS2 Classics program has been shaky at best, but with the initiative not discontinued (as far as we can tell), we've been pondering which last-last-gen titles deserve the upscale-and-Trophies treatment. While we had planned to put together a short list, the Japanese giant's legendary system had so many hits...

  • News Hideo Kojima Has Been Cutting Death Stranding's E3 2018 Trailer

    Here we go

    We can’t freakin’ wait for this one. Sony’s said that one of the four games it will “deep dive” during its E3 2018 press conference next month is Death Stranding, and Hideo Kojima has been teasing the title’s latest trailer all over his Twitter. The auteur’s spent the past week posting pictures of Adobe P

  • News Surprise! NA PS Store Flash Sale Swipes Prices for the Weekend

    And offers in Europe, too

    Sony’s slashed the prices of a selection of PlayStation Store favourites by up to 75 per cent in North America, with Far Cry Primal ($21.99), Jak & Daxter Bundle ($14.99), and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst ($4.99) among some of the highlights. A lot of these games have been on sale before, but you can’t really go wrong...

  • News God of War's First Boss Fight Was Originally Two to Three Times Longer

    Stranger things

    Part two of Sony's series of God of War director commentary videos is up, and it's a look at the game's first boss fight. It's another great bit of insight into the development of the game, in which Cory Barlog talks about lighting, snow tech, and how he hinted at things to come at this very early stage in the story. The fight...

  • News Sony Will Still Make Physical PS Vita Games in Japan

    Vita means life

    Earlier this week, it was reported that Sony will stop manufacturing PlayStation Vita game cartridges in the future. However, a new story originating from Japanese site GameSpark indicates that not all territories will be following suit -- SIE Japan will continue to produce physical games for the handheld. Translated by

  • News No Man's Sky NEXT Update Introduces Multiplayer, Launches in July

    Lift off

    Earlier this week, the Xbox One box art for No Man's Sky gave us a huge clue that the NEXT update might include multiplayer. After appearing on Microsoft's Inside Xbox show, Sean Murray has confirmed that multiplayer is indeed heading to the procedurally generated universe when the update arrives on 24th July. Murray describes No Man's...

  • News Watch Deacon Take on the Horde in New Days Gone PS4 Gameplay

    Don't panic

    Sony debuted Days Gone at E3 2016 with an impressive gameplay demo that showed protagonist Deacon running for his life from a massive wave of Freakers. As part of Game Informer's ongoing coverage of the PS4 exclusive, a few of the staff took turns at attempting to take down a horde of 300 enemies. It's an entertaining watch, and it...

  • News Detroit: Become Human Gets Amazing Japanese Short Movie

    Tokyo: Become Human

    Considering Japan’s infatuation with robotics and mecha-waifus, Detroit: Become Human actually seems like a strangely good fit for the overseas market. And Sony seems to have recognised that, investing considerable sums of cash into the Quantic Dream developed narrative adventure. In addition to an enormous Famitsu feature, the...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 5.55 is Available to Download Now

    High five

    That's right, the time has come once again to update your PS4's system software. Firmware update 5.55 is now ready and waiting to be installed on your console, weighing in at around 460MB. The update "improves system performance", as you might have been expecting. We've not noticed any other additions since installing the patch, so it...

  • News Spider-Man is Set to Swing Across the LA Skyline with Huge E3 2018 Ad

    Painting in progress

    For the third year in a row, Sony is set to advertise another gigantic PS4 exclusive with a suitably large mural in Los Angeles, as E3 draws closer and closer. This time around, it's the turn of the web slinger Spider-Man to grace the LA skyline as the gigantic ad begins to take shape. Last year, God of War set up shop in the...

  • Rumour No Man's Sky's Xbox One Box Art Hints at Multiplayer

    Some Men's Sky

    One of the biggest complaints lobbied at No Man's Sky is that it doesn't have the multiplayer one of the game's programmers, Sean Murray, suggested it would. If the below box art for the recently announced Xbox One version is to be believed, however, the feature could well be on the horizon. A little while back, Murray announced...

  • News Sony to Cease Production of Physical PS Vita Games

    The end is near

    In a message to developers, Sony has stated that it plans to stop producing PS Vita game cartridges, according to a report from Kotaku. The company says that this will happen by the end of the fiscal year 2018, which translates to 31st March 2019.  Sony also stipulates that all requests for Vita product codes be presented by...

  • Guide Days Gone FAQ - Everything You Need to Know

    All your questions answered

    Days Gone is the ambitious open world action game from Sony Bend, and it's heading to PS4 next year. As preparation is key to surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, we've put together this FAQ in order to answer any lingering questions you may have about this upcoming title. While the game is still pretty far away, plenty...

  • News Horizon Developer Guerrilla Games Recruiting for New Game

    A new Horizon

    Gee, wonder what this could be? Dutch developer Guerrilla Games has started a hiring spree, suggesting that its next project is decided and is about to enter full production. We wonder if it could be a sequel to the studio’s massively popular breakout hit, Horizon: Zero Dawn? The mind truly boggles. Perhaps a more interesting...

  • News Darksiders Costs Less Than a Coffee in New NA PSN Sale

    $1.99 for PS4 re-release

    Darksiders: Warmastered Edition is just $1.99 to PlayStation Plus members in the latest North American PlayStation Store sale. Alternatively, you can buy its sequel Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition for $2.99. That’s less than a frothy coffee and a croissant. Other noteworthy discounts include Legend of Kay Anniversary...

  • Guide Spider-Man PS4 FAQ - Everything You Need to Know

    All your questions answered

    Spider-Man is swinging onto PS4 this September, so we've created this comprehensive FAQ, containing answers to all your burning questions about Insomniac's PS4 exclusive. This is one of 2018's most hotly anticipated titles, but not everything has been made totally clear. Read on for all the information on Spidey's latest...

  • Soapbox Why Ghost of Tsushima Could Win E3 2018

    Samurai warrior

    Sony announced its E3 2018 plans last week, initially confusing everyone but eventually getting its message across. This year’s show will focus on four monstrous PlayStation 4 exclusives: Ghost of Tsushima,

  • News Days Gone Devs Aiming to Combine Open World Design with 'Uncharted' Style Storytelling


    As part of Game Informer's current coverage of Sony Bend's 2019 PS4 exclusive, Days Gone, the publication has posted a new article highlighting some aspects of the game that differentiate it from other open world titles. There's a good amount of information to be found here, but perhaps most interesting is the fact that the developer is...

  • Soapbox PS Vita's Longevity Has Been Quite Remarkable

    Lust for life

    Stardew Valley is coming to the PlayStation Vita next week and it reminded me that Sony’s handheld still lives a relatively vibrant life over six years since its initial release. The likeable handheld has been the foot of all kinds of jibes since day one, and often it’s been the manufacturer itself delivering the punchlines – but...

  • News Listen to God of War PS4 Director Cory Barlog Comment on the Opening Scene

    But beware of spoilers

    The PlayStation YouTube channel has just uploaded the first part of a series of director commentary videos on the PS4 exclusive of the moment, God of War. The video, embedded above, features Cory Barlog talking over the first ten minutes of the game. It offers some fresh insight on the uncharacteristically quiet, slow opener...

  • News Uncharted 2's Iconic Train Stage Explained

    Drake's on a train

    The more we see of Naughty Dog’s games, the more we realise they’re an optical illusion. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is no different, and this video showcasing the sequel’s iconic train level is eye-opening. It reveals how the set-piece works: by placing you on a gigantic loop. It then masks environmental changes with various...

  • News Gran Turismo Sales Top 80 Million Units Across 20 Years

    Va va voom

    Racing games are nowhere near as popular as they once were, but Gran Turismo has managed to remain relevant over a 20 year period. Once the biggest brand in Sony’s stable – it’s probably been eclipsed by the likes of Uncharted, The Last of Us, and even Horizon in recent times – the series continues to be a steady seller, with the...

  • News Why Not Watch Another 40 Minutes of Days Gone?

    Freaker frenzy

    We’ve established at this point that Sony Bend really doesn’t give a hoot about maintaining long established AAA game promotion standards, so here’s another 40 minutes of Days Gone footage for you. If you missed yesterday’s video, then you can also catch the opening hour from the game through here. Like, all of it. This is...

  • News PS5 Won't Be at E3 2018, Sony Unsurprisingly Confirms

    No hardware announcements at show

    There will be no Sony hardware announcements at E3 2018, meaning you can put your anticipation for the PlayStation 5 back in its box. While it perhaps won’t come as a huge surprise, Shawn Layden confirmed the tidbit on today’s PlayStation Blogcast. It perhaps indicates that the organisation is aware next-gen...

  • Soapbox Sony's Muddled E3 2018 Messaging a Matter of Expectation Management

    Stand and deliver

    Sony’s E3 2018 plans have become clearer, but its messaging overall has been muddled today. I was ready to read the company the riot act when Shawn Layden appeared on a podcast earlier, talking about a “different” kind of press conference. As it happens I’m glad I waited, because further clarifications from the company seem...

  • News Live Audience Will Be Present for Sony's E3 2018 Showcase

    J-Law okay.gif

    Sony’s “not-so traditional” E3 2018 press conference is beginning to sound more and more like a traditional E3 2018 press conference. PlayStation Blog’s Sid Shuman has been fielding questions in response to today’s muddled announcement, and has

  • News Sony's E3 2018 Showcase to Include Third-Party, Indie Reveals That Will Make Your Heart Race

    Colour us confused

    Sony took its sweet time announcing its E3 2018 showcase, but it’s still managed to confuse absolutely everyone. A podcast featuring bigwig Shawn Layden seemed to suggest that there’d be no traditional press conference, but now a PlayStation Blog post has hinted that the event will be more familiar than originally expected.

  • News Sony Won't Be Holding a Traditional Press Conference at E3 2018

    Update: Starting to sound more traditional than originally anticipated

    Sony has just announced its plans for next month's E3 showcase, and it doesn't seem like we'll be getting a traditional press conference from the platform holder. Instead, PlayStation is choosing to highlight four upcoming titles through livestreams on 11th June. Those four...

  • News There's a PSP Emulator Hidden in the PS4 Version of PaRappa the Rapper

    Remaster runs from UMD disc image

    PaRappa the Rapper’s relatively recent remaster is actually an emulated version of the PlayStation Portable release with new textures. Some amazing technical tomfoolery from hackers working with cracked PlayStation 4 consoles has revealed that the rhythm game is running on a UMD disc image, identical to the...

  • Poll Are You Sold on Days Gone Yet?


    This week's Friday poll basically writes itself, doesn't it? Days Gone has entered our lives in a big way this week, as extensive Game Informer coverage has spotlighted Sony Bend's upcoming open world adventure. The question is: do you like what you see? Now, it's not as if Days Gone has been kept under wraps all this time. It's been...

  • News Sony Insists It's Not Profiting from Overwatch Charity Skin

    You got me begging you for Mercy

    Sony’s said that it’s not profiting from sales of an Overwatch charity skin. Earlier this week, the web managed to infuriate itself when a product description for a new Mercy skin designed to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation noted that £10.12 of the £12.99 sale price would be donated to the...

  • News Days Gone Won't Have An Easy Mode or Any Other Difficulty Options

    Welcome to the apocalypse

    During Game Informer's exclusive one hour demo of Days Gone, the publication asks whether the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive will feature any difficulty settings. As we all know, a lot of games these days offer easy modes for players who may just want to enjoy a story, or super hard modes that are designed to...

  • News You Can Watch the Entire Opening Hour of Days Gone Now

    If you want to

    Well, this is different. Developers typically keep their games underwraps right until launch, but Sony Bend has opted to share the opening hour of Days Gone with Game Informer. And you can watch it. In its entirety. Right now. Note that this is an alpha build –

  • News PS4 Is Way Ahead of Xbox One in Total Console Sales, Says New Data

    EA spills the beans

    As we've known for some time now, Microsoft no longer publicly shares Xbox One sales figures. Meanwhile, Sony's been more than happy to spread word of the PlayStation 4's success on numerous occasions, with the company's most recent statement claiming that the current-gen console has moved close to 80 million units. It's always...

  • News Sony Still Hasn't Announced Its E3 2018 Press Conference

    Leaving it late

    We’re building up to Sony’s E3 2018 press conference with various features and articles, but we still don’t actually know whether the company’s going to hold one. Yes, it would be strange for the platform holder to skip its annual on-stage theatrics, but the reality is that it’s yet to confirm the date, time, or location of...

  • News 'Games Under €20' is Back on European PlayStation Store

    Deal or no deal

    The constant torrent of PlayStation Store sales isn't slowing down any time soon, as Sony has introduced another 'Games Under €20/£16' promotion in Europe. As usual, there's a great spread of titles among the offers, including a modest selection of PS3 and Vita games. God of War III Remastered has been reduced by 60% following...

  • News Sony Bend Doubles Down on Days Gone Release Window

    Look for it early next year

    Days Gone will release in early 2019, according to developer Sony Bend. The title was originally due out later this year, but was delayed – presumably due to its close proximity to Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2. Speaking as part of a quick-fire

  • Feature What New PS4 Exclusives Could Sony Reveal at E3 2018?

    Never seen before

    Sony finds itself in an awkward spot: the PlayStation 4 is on fire and there are several exclusives lingering tantalisingly on the horizon that we’re all dying to learn more about. The problem is that the likes of Spider-Man, Death Stranding, and The Last of Us: Part II are all known quantities at this stage, and while we’re...

  • News God of War Patch 1.20 Adds Photo Mode on PS4

    Here it is

    God of War's promised photo mode will be added via the game's latest update, which is available to download today on PlayStation 4. Patch 1.20 lets you pause the action at any time and snap some stylish shots. Photo mode comes complete with filters, borders, and even character toggles so you can remove models. It all sounds suitably...

  • PlayStation Store Sales Charts God of War Rules Supreme

    Word up, boy

    It perhaps won’t come as a surprise in the wake of its staggering launch sales that God of War was the best-selling game on the PlayStation Store for the month of April. Kratos’ latest topped in both Europe and North America, beating out Far Cry 5 in both territories. Fellow exclusive MLB The Show 18 finished third in North America,...

  • News Sony Accused of Taking Cut from Charity Overwatch Skin

    VAT's not going to go down well

    Sony is underfire for purportedly taking a cut from an Overwatch skin being sold on the PlayStation Store to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Mercy outfit is available for £12.99 in the UK, but the product description states that only £10.12 will go to the charity, as that’s what Blizzard...

  • News Days Gone Will Take Over 30 Hours to Survive

    "It's not the zombie game you think"

    Days Gone is starting to sound like a very meaty open world game, and Sony Bend has hinted that it will take you over 30 hours to beat. Speaking with Game Informer magazine as part of a month of coverage, creative director John Garvin addressed the stench of scepticism that has surrounded the project since its...

  • News Detroit: Become Human's TV Commercial Is Hella Cool


    Okay, this is rad. Sony’s released the television commercial for Detroit: Become Human, and while it’s only 30 seconds long, it really gets its message across. Set against a backdrop of gameplay and cinematics, the advert includes voiceover from the outing’s three protagonists. The gist is that everything that unfolds in the game is...

  • News Days Gone Takes the Broken Road to Game Informer Cover Story

    Revving up some interest

    What the heck is going on? So far this year Game Informer’s had God of War and Spider-Man cover stories, and now it’s following them both up with another PlayStation 4 exclusive, Days Gone. The publication travelled to Sony Bend’s secluded studio in Oregon to go hands-on with the mysterious post-apocalyptic game, and...

  • News This SOCOM Website Counting Down to E3 2018 Is Fake

    SOCOM is dead

    Here's an E3 rumour we bet you weren't expecting to read about. A curious website regarding SOCOM has cropped up, and it's counting down to what is likely to be Sony's E3 2018 press conference. That's all fine and well, but there are one or two things we're not so sure about. Firstly, the webpage has the phrase "SOCOM IS DEAD"...

  • News Discover the Art of Detroit: Become Human in New Video

    Blade stunner

    Whether you love or loathe Quantic Dream games, few would deny that the developer has some outstanding artists. Detroit: Become Human looks especially striking with its near-future interpretation of America’s forge, and in this video the studio shares a bunch of intel on the title’s art direction. It’s a really good watch with...

  • Soapbox The Last of Us: Part II Has Plenty to Prove at E3 2018

    Give 'em Ellie

    I love The Last of Us and I can’t wait to see its successor on stage at E3 2018 next month. Long-haired director Neil Druckmann confirmed at PlayStation Experience late last year that we would get our first glimpse of gameplay during Sony’s press conference, and a select few have already seen the demo behind closed doors...

  • News Robot Chicken Introduces Kratos to Basketball in Dumb God of War and PS4 Pro Ad

    Oh boy

    Those lunatics over at Adult Swim have got the Robot Chicken team to put together an advert for the PS4 Pro and God of War. The result is just as stupid as you'd expect, as Kratos and Atreus (in typical action figure form) learn how to play basketball. It's pretty funny, although we have no idea what's going on with Mimir's voice. And...

  • News God of War Is PS4's Fastest Ever Selling Exclusive

    Over three million copies sold in three days

    God of War has become the fastest selling PlayStation 4 exclusive to date, shifting a dizzying 3.1 million copies worldwide in just three days. The data tracks the period spanning 20th April through 22nd April, and includes physical and digital sales. We already know that the soft-reboot enjoyed

  • News God of War's Avengers: Infinity War Easter Egg Lets Kratos Wield the Infinity Gauntlet


    With Kratos' Leviathan axe borrowing a return-on-command feature from Thor's hammer, there was always a small connection between Avengers and God of War, but this recently discovered easter egg in the new game merges the two franchises in a major way. If you have the right items, you can equip the Ghost of Sparta with something strongly...

  • News Santa Monica Studio Outlines Forthcoming Updates for God of War on PS4

    More patches on the way

    Sony has not been shy about fast-tracking a boatload of patches for God of War. In the game's first week, a new update was available almost daily as Santa Monica Studio churned out a godly amount of bug fixes. While things have slowed down recently, it seems we're far from seeing the last of these updates. The developer has...

  • News PS2 Classics Join PlayStation Now Subscription Service

    Retro revival

    PlayStation Now was always billed as on-demand access to Sony’s archives, and while it has made great strides towards that goal in recent years, it’s still a long way off achieving what we suspect the platform holder envisions for it. Nevertheless, the company has added the first batch of PlayStation 2 Classics to the streaming...

  • News May 2018's Free PlayStation Plus Games Are Out Now

    Go Beyond

    May 2018's gaggle of PS Plus titles are now available for download in Europe, with the North American PlayStation Store set to update soon. This month, PS4 owners can look forward to Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls ahead of the release of Detroit: Become Human, as well as the excellent 2D platformer, Rayman Legends. On PS3, you'll be...


  • News Last Chance to Download April 2018's Free PS Plus Games

    Mad, Max

    There are just a few hours before Sony replaces April 2018’s roster of free PlayStation Plus games with May 2018’s roster. This means that you’ve got one last opportunity to download the likes of Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo on the PlayStation 4, as well as the various PlayStation 3 and PS Vita titles, too

  • Soapbox PS Plus Freebie Beyond: Two Souls Is One of Sony's Stranger Games

    Go Holmes

    I can’t stop thinking about Beyond: Two Souls. It’s just so weird. Ever since the title was announced as part of May 2018’s free PlayStation Plus lineup, I’ve been recalling my two playthroughs of Quantic Dream’s ghost-themed sci-fi story. I was originally rather enamoured with it on the PlayStation 3; I thought the handful of...

  • News Kratos Actor Christopher Judge Initially Thought God of War's Script 'Was for a Big A-List Film'

    Game changer

    Christopher Judge is the man who took over from Terrence C. Carson as Kratos for the latest God of War, but when he received the script for the first time, he thought it was for a blockbuster movie. Speaking with BBC Newsbeat, the actor, also famous for his role in Stargate SG-1, had "no clue" the script was for a game when it was first...

  • News Sony Data Shows Digital Sales Continue to Grow on PS4

    PlayStation Store taking over

    The transition to digital storefronts like the PlayStation Store on consoles is gradually growing every year, and it won’t be long now before its sales eclipse physical ones. New data from Sony’s latest financial report shows that in the quarter that ended 31st March, 2018, an impressive 43 per cent of the...

  • News Don't Try These Spider-Man PS4 Stunts at Home

    We're dizzy just watching

    Spider-Man is an extremely acrobatic character, and the new game from Insomniac shows the character in all of his athletic glory. But can the superhero's moves be recreated by a mere mortal? This YouTuber seems to have nailed several of the stunts – although you may want to exercise caution before recreating them at home...

  • News God of War Patch 1.17 Continues String of Daily Updates


    You know what they say, "A patch a day keeps the bugs away". Well, no one says that, but you've got to imagine the folks at Santa Monica Studio have been chanting this 24/7 since the release of God of War. Patch 1.17 updates the stellar PS4 exclusive yet again with the same vague note, "Various bug fixes and improvements". Apparently, version...

  • News Detroit: Become Human's Box Art Is Just As Bad in Japan


    Detroit: Become Human’s box art, a close-up of android rebellion leader Marcus’s right eye, is probably one of the worst covers of the PlayStation 4 era. But box art is always better in Japan, right? Right? Wrong. Look at this atrocity: It looks like a straight-to-VHS 90s sci-fi thriller shot entirely on a Sony Handycam in...

  • Soapbox Why God of War Needs an Expansion Pack

    Please sir, can I have some Norse?

    I’m rarely ready for a sequel immediately after finishing a game, but if Sony said God of War 2 was out next week I’d be right at the front of the queue. Without giving anything away, one of my favourite things about this game is how it feels complete and self-contained, while still very obviously being the...

  • Poll One Week Later, What Are Your Thoughts on God of War?


    One week ago, God of War launched on PlayStation 4, and it was the best game ever. Or maybe it wasn't. That's for you to decide (kind of). Last Friday, we asked you lot for your first impressions, and the poll results were positive. Most of you said that you couldn't wait to play more, and now that you've had a full week to get stuck in, we...

  • News PlayStation Plus Subscribers Surpass 34 Million

    Plus one

    PlayStation Plus is one of Sony’s not-so secret success stories, with the company’s latest financial report revealing that there are 34.2 million members as per its latest financial report, recording data as of 31st March, 2018. That’s a dizzying number when you consider that each user is likely tied to an annual subscription; we’ll...

  • News PS4 Closes in on PS3 with 79 Million Units Shipped Worldwide

    Sony targets 95 million by this time next year

    The PlayStation 4 will soon surpass the PlayStation 3’s install base just over four years into its lifespan, as Sony’s latest financial report has revealed that it’s shipped 79 million units of its current console worldwide. The number is accurate as of 31st March, with the platform holder...

  • News God of War Patch 1.16 Is Here for Even More Bug Squashing

    "Various bug fixes and improvements"

    God of War has only been out for a week, but it's had numerous updates already. A patch that provides "various bug fixes and improvements" has arrived almost daily since the game's launch last Friday, and here we are with version 1.16 promising yet more polish. More polish is hardly a bad thing, of course, and...

  • News God of War Patch 1.15 Brings Yet More Bug Fixes and Improvements

    Another one

    Jeez, another God of War patch? You better believe it. This latest one comes in at around 64MB, and yet again, the patch notes are straight to the point: "various bug fixes and improvements". That's three in a row now. As always, we don't know what these bug fixes and improvements actually are, but we suppose we're grateful that...

  • News These God of War PS4 GIFs Are Dumb Fun

    You are not ready

    God of War is a pretty straight faced game, but it does have some brief moments of levity dotted through its lengthy story. What's clear is that the fine folks over at Santa Monica Studio aren't afraid to have a bit of fun with Kratos and other characters, as evidenced by the silly faces we'll be able to make them pull in the...

  • News The Iron Spider Suit from Avengers: Infinity War Confirmed for Spider-Man PS4


    A short while back, you may remember that the Iron Spider costume from the Marvel Cinematic Universe was leaked for Spider-Man on PS4 before the trailer was quickly pulled. Now, the video is back up again, right around Avengers: Infinity War's theatrical release. If you pre-order Insomniac's PS4 exclusive, you'll gain early access to the...

  • News God of War Patch 1.14 Promises Improvements, Squashes Even More Bugs

    That was fast

    Wow, Sony Santa Monica is really pumping out these God of War patches, isn't it? Update 1.14 is available to download now on PlayStation 4, but we're afraid it's not all that exciting. Much like patch 1.13, the notes simply read: "various bug fixes and improvements". Again, it's not clear what these fixes are for, but we'll...

  • News Big in Japan Sale Hits European PlayStation Store

    Tokyo look at these deals

    Over on the North American PS Store, the Golden Week sale has started, discounting a bunch of Japanese games by up to 60%. Now, the European Store has its own version, named Big in Japan. The titles on offer are much the same, though there are some additions; Shadow of the Colossus, Gravity Rush 2, and Tekken 7 all appear...

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