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Review: Here They Lie (PS4)

Here They Lie (PS4)

And here they’ll stay

When Sony set out to launch its own virtual reality headset, one of the most important things that it had to do is make sure that it had lots of games released alongside it. Through the years, the games industry has seen many a peripheral fail miserably due to a lack of support. To combat this, an impressively large launch...

Guide: How to Fix Blurry Images in PlayStation VR

How to Fix Blurry Images in PlayStation VR

Out of focus

PlayStation VR's resolution isn't flawless, so you're always going to get some degree of blurriness when wearing the headset. However, if you're struggling to read text or even see what's going on around you, then you may need to make some adjustments in order to get a clearer, focused experience. Here are some things that you can try...

News: It's Friday Night, So PSN Is Down

It's Friday Night, So PSN Is Down


Just in time for the weekend, eh? There are reports whipping around that the PlayStation Network is experiencing some issues - although thankfully, they don't seem to be too widespread. Follow us on Twitter for more immediate updates on this outage We can confirm that we're online without any problems here at Push Square Towers, but...

Review: Super Stardust Ultra VR (PS4)

Super Stardust Ultra VR (PS4)

Super Starbust

Super Stardust is becoming a bit of a new PlayStation hardware tradition. Ever since the venerable Super Stardust HD, the Housemarque developed arcade shooter has appeared on every Sony system released – including the PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and now PlayStation VR. But is the concept strong enough to...

News: PS4 Slumps to Third Successive NPD Defeat

PS4 Slumps to Third Successive NPD Defeat

Choppy waters

Batten the hatches, spit in Shawn Layden's face, and curse Kaz Hirai's complacency: Sony failed to defeat the Xbox One in the September NPD, meaning that's three times in a row now that the PlayStation 4 has not been the best-selling system in the United States. We suppose after three straight years on top, it had to give everyone...