Cyberpunk 2077 Religion

A few days ago, quotes from Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red started appearing around the internet. On the topic of religion in the upcoming role-playing game, quest director Meteusz Tomaskiewicz was asked whether the inclusion of real world religions, like Christianity, would open the floodgates for controversy. According to the quotes -- translated from Polish -- Tomaskiewicz basically said that the studio wasn't going to avoid realistic depictions of religion, even if those depictions were deemed offensive. This became quite the talking point over on Reddit and other gaming forums. The quotes were also picked up by numerous news websites, which inevitably caused a stir.

Except Tomaskiewicz didn't really say that. As it turns out, the quotes were mistranslated, and now CD Projekt Red has given IGN an official English translation. When asked if players could, in theory, walk into a church in Cyberpunk 2077 and cause havoc, Tomaskiewicz replies: "We do not want to avoid religion as a topic, authenticity of the world is what counts for us. Technically, the situation you mentioned is possible, but this is all about the choices made by the player. We won’t encourage the player to do so. In our quests, which involve religious themes, we make sure there’s no disrespect."

So there you have it. CD Projekt Red isn't going to sidestep mature themes and potentially sensitive issues -- as you'd expect -- but it's looking to keep things respectful at the same time. Still, we doubt this will be the last "controversy" that the developer has to deal with before Cyberpunk 2077 is even out. When a game's got this much hype behind it, it seems all but impossible to avoid the headlines, even if it's because of mistranslated quotes.