The Last Of Us Part 2 Release Date

Here's a rumour that just won't go away: The Last of Us: Part II is set to release this year. It's long been suggested that Naughty Dog's sequel could be Sony's killer 2019 release, and it does seem to make some sense when you stop and think about it. Between this, Ghost of Tsushima, and Death Stranding, for example, The Last of Us: Part II has always looked the most 'complete' of Sony's exclusive lineup. Couple that line of thought with numerous sources saying that it's coming in 2019, and it's no wonder that the rumours persist.

And now, we've got a Peruvian retailer -- LawGamers -- advertising an October 2019 release date. Okay, we know what you're thinking -- retailers have a habit of leaking supposed dates and new games, and a lot of the time these 'leaks' don't amount to much. That could well be the case here, but let's not forget that Sony recently held its Destination PlayStation event where it presents its games to retailers and publishers -- we guess it's possible that this supposed leak is a knock-on effect of that event.

The old saying goes that there's no smoke without fire, and The Last of Us: Part II is currently blanketed in fumes. But what do you think? Could Naughty Dog's latest make it out this year? Get your bricks ready in the comments section below.