Retro fans rejoice: NIS America is bringing SNK 40th Anniversary Collection to PS4, and it's not too far away. The collection hits Sony's console on 19th March 2019, as announced via the above trailer.

This retro package contains more than 20 early SNK titles, including classics such as Athena, Crystalis, and Ikari Warriors. You'll be able to save your progress at any time, and rewind if you make a mistake. Watch Mode lets you check out how to deal with a tricky part of a game before you attempt it yourself, and the Museum contains a bunch of artwork and other assets. What's more, the games have been updated with more modern controls and will display at 4K resolution.

What do you think of SNK 40th Anniversary Collection? Will you be taking a trip into gaming's past when it releases in March? Insert coin(s) to leave a comment below.