Locomotion can be a real headache with PlayStation VR, let’s be honest. The PSVR Aim Controller is great because it comes with dual analogue sticks, but the PlayStation Move wands tend to rely on tilting or teleportation – a mechanic that not everyone’s fond of. Here comes a novel solution in the form of a foot controller called 3DRudder, though.

While it claims to be compatible with over 30 games, there’s actually only a handful of PlayStation 4 specific titles that it functions with, and frankly we've only heard of Bow to Blood. This is a licensed product, though, so you’d imagine it’ll get more support over time – at €119.00 (~$135) it’s going to need to work with the likes of Skyrim VR and Borderlands 2 VR to be worth the investment.

3DRunner PSVR PlayStation VR

The accessory’s due out in April and does seem somewhat promising. The way it works is that you tilt it around under your feet to move forwards, backwards, and to turn from side-to-side. Yes, you’re going to look ridiculous with glowing wands in your hand and a big piece of plastic beneath your slippers, but we’re open to trying it if it adds to the immersion.

[via 3drudder.com]