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What are the top 50 PS4 games? The PlayStation 4 is in the latter half of its lifecycle now, and with age comes a substantial library of games. With such a huge selection of top quality titles, it can be tough deciding what to buy or play, and that's why we've put together this list of what we think are the best games on PS4 so far.

50. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (PS4)

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (PS4)Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (PS4)
Publisher: Activision / Developer: Vicarious Visions
Release Date: 30th Jun 2017 (USA) / 30th Jun 2017 (UK/EU)

Crash's comeback on PS4 was a huge success, and it's not hard to see why. Vicarious Visions did a remarkable job in remaking the bandicoot's three challenging PSone platformers, with faithfully recreated controls, vibrant visuals, and the addition of all the mod cons we take for granted, like autosaving and leaderboards. The N. Sane Trilogy is a massive nostalgia trip for PlayStation fans, but it also serves as an excellent way for newcomers to see what all the fuss is about. This is a real treat that gamers of all ages will enjoy.

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49. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4)

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4)Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4)
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment / Developer: Naughty Dog
Release Date: 9th Oct 2015 (USA) / 9th Oct 2015 (UK/EU)

Three games that ended up defining the PS3 era, Naughty Dog's original Uncharted trilogy is boxed up into one brilliantly remastered Nathan Drake Collection. Gameplay is tightened up across the board, and each game looks better than ever. Before diving into the masterpiece that is Uncharted 4, it's well worth getting acquainted with Nate and his treasure-loving buddies.

48. Tearaway Unfolded (PS4)

Tearaway Unfolded (PS4)Tearaway Unfolded (PS4)
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment / Developer: Media Molecule
Release Date: 8th Sep 2015 (USA) / 11th Sep 2015 (UK/EU)

Media Molecule's Vita exclusive puzzle platformer was an absolute joy on the handheld, and its PS4 re-release turns it all up a notch. The paper craft world of Iota and Atoi looks positively stunning, and the charming cast of characters and novel, creative approach to puzzle-solving is all present and correct. There are even some areas and gameplay features unique to Unfolded, meaning that fans of the original will also find something new to enjoy. Overflowing with charm, this is one of PS4's finest platformers.


Publisher: SUPERHOT Team / Developer: SUPERHOT Team
Release Date: 21st Jul 2017 (USA) / 19th Jul 2017 (UK/EU)

SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT. Time only moves when you do in this nifty first-person puzzler, a game that breaks the fourth wall as often as it will your polygonal protagonist. With the ability to effectively freeze time, you’re able to weave through enemy firepower in this cunning dance of death, gaining the upper hand by thinking ahead. While its virtual reality version is extra special, there’s a much stronger narrative in the standard edition which makes it deserving of its place on our list.

46. Until Dawn (PS4)

Until Dawn (PS4)Until Dawn (PS4)
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment / Developer: Supermassive Games
Release Date: 25th Aug 2015 (USA) / 28th Aug 2015 (UK/EU)

We don’t get the impression David Cage likes to joke, but if he did, he’d probably make something like Until Dawn. Supermassive Games’ schlock horror owes a lot to Quantic Dream, but its branching adventure knowingly leans on tropes. With a cast of terrible teen characters all one wrong decision away from having their eyes gouged out, this camp ass camping trip is as comical as it is grotesque – and it’s all pulled together by Hollywood stars like Hayden Panettiere hamming it up.

45. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4)Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4)
Publisher: Konami / Developer: Kojima Productions
Release Date: 1st Sep 2015 (USA) / 1st Sep 2015 (UK/EU)

Hideo Kojima's goodbye to one of gaming's most iconic franchises may have its blemishes, but there's no denying that Metal Gear Solid V is a masterclass in open world stealth-action. The gameplay itself is the real Big Boss of this final instalment, offering intricacy, depth, and damn good fun. Plus, it's got an assassin dog, a system that lets you extract goats with a balloon, and a horse that wears a visor. Brilliant.

44. Gran Turismo Sport (PS4)

Gran Turismo Sport (PS4)Gran Turismo Sport (PS4)
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment / Developer: Polyphony Digital
Release Date: 17th Oct 2017 (USA) / 18th Oct 2017 (UK/EU)

Not everyone appreciated the direction of Gran Turismo Sport, but developer Polyphony Digital’s done a grand ol’ job getting the simulation racer into top gear. With a campaign mode added to complement the core online component, Sony’s smash hit series looks, sounds, and drives better than it ever has before on the PS4. There are also some great community features, such as a social media-inspired wall, which allows you to share your painstakingly perfect photographs. What do you mean you don’t want to see snaps of our Ford Focus abandoned in a French field?

43. Fallout 4 (PS4)

Fallout 4 (PS4)Fallout 4 (PS4)
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks / Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Release Date: 10th Nov 2015 (USA) / 10th Nov 2015 (UK/EU)

Fallout 4's post-apocalyptic reimagining of Boston is so dense and detailed that it's hard not to get totally caught up in the title's fantastic gameplay loop. While the storytelling may not be on par with past Fallout games, this is still an open world RPG that can quickly become a dangerously addictive hobby. Hugely improved combat, an emphasis on loot, and a map that just begs to be explored make Fallout 4 another Bethesda great.

42. NieR: Automata (PS4)

NieR: Automata (PS4)NieR: Automata (PS4)
Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: 7th Mar 2017 (USA) / 10th Mar 2017 (UK/EU)

Any game that has the brass-neck to ask you to beat it three successive times will earn our respect, but NieR: Automata’s inherent repetition is genuinely pocked with moments of all-out genius. While its anime-inspired ‘Philosophy for Weeaboos’ storyline may rub many the wrong way, there’s a real payoff here if you can stomach seeing several scenarios two to three times. The game doesn’t really appreciate your time, but that’s part of what makes it so memorable – you’re just going to have to trust us on this one.

41. Overcooked 2 (PS4)

Overcooked 2 (PS4)Overcooked 2 (PS4)
Publisher: Team 17 / Developer: Ghost Town Games
Release Date: 7th Aug 2018 (USA) / 7th Aug 2018 (UK/EU)

As far as cooperative experiences go on PS4, this is absolutely one of the best. Overcooked 2 takes the fantastic recipe for chaotic co-op cooking and refines it, throwing in one or two new ingredients to make it extra tasty. The deceptively challenging gameplay can now be enjoyed online as well as locally, meaning more people than ever can experience the hilarious, maddening fun this game so expertly provides. Whether you're hitting three stars every time or setting entire kitchens aflame, this game never fails to entertain.