No Man's Sky PS4 PlayStation 4 Multiplayer

One of the biggest complaints lobbied at No Man's Sky is that it doesn't have the multiplayer one of the game's programmers, Sean Murray, suggested it would. If the below box art for the recently announced Xbox One version is to be believed, however, the feature could well be on the horizon.

A little while back, Murray announced that a substantial update for No Man's Sky entitled NEXT was on the way this summer. It was described as the "largest update so far", leading many to speculate whether multiplayer, or possibly even VR support, would be included. This new artwork, which was posted on Twitter by user PeacefulGamer, features what appear to be four player characters, implying that multiplayer will be present in the game.

Other conclusions being drawn from the box art are that the NEXT update will also implement ringed planets and super-sized flora and fauna, increasing the variety in the creatures and the environments. An official unveiling of the update should emerge soon.

What do you think of No Man's Sky's cover art on Xbox One? Is the game getting multiplayer, and if it is, would you go back and give it a try? Don't get lost in space in the comments below.