Shadow of the Tomb Raider was revealed to the media at a swanky London venue earlier today, but you’ll need to wait until tomorrow to see all of the goods. Or at least, that’s what Square Enix was hoping – the Internet has other ideas. In traditional fashion, practically everything has leaked, so enjoy these screenshots that have been swarming around social media for the past few hours:

You can also see the various product permutations in the photograph below. As you’d expect of a AAA title in 2018, there are about a billion options available, each with different pieces of tat attached:

And finally, here’s a render of Lara Croft from a French magazine. Since her previous death defying adventure it looks like she’s visited London’s best plastic surgeon, as her face has changed yet again:

Of course, there’ll be more tomorrow. Expect trailers, art work, interviews, and all that good stuff. The game’s out on 14th September, a week after Spider-Man. The best news for fans is that it's been confirmed that series “favourites” like Sam, Reyes, and Jonah will return in the new game.

No, we don’t remember them either.

Update: Oh, here's the box art and another screenshot as well. Why not?

Quite like the cover to be honest. Looks snazzy.