final fantasy vii remake.jpg

Reports coming out of Japan (handily compiled by Gematsu) say that Final Fantasy VII Remake has been altered quite a bit since we last saw it -- at least visually. Apparently, the characters who appeared in past trailers have been redesigned, and a few screenshots of the game were shown off at a recent art exhibition.

Most notably, Cloud has had his appearance tweaked. Director Nomura reckons this is "the closest to the original [design] among those created so far." We guess that's a positive?

Elsewhere, the various members of AVALANCHE -- the rebels that hire Cloud as a mercenary to begin with -- have also been altered. Biggs is described as "super handsome", Wedge is "refreshingly chubby", and Jessie is "cute". Good to know.

Look, it's nice that we're hearing something about Final Fantasy VII Remake, but couldn't Square Enix just give us this information? It's weird that we're relying on secondhand sources in order to put together these tiny scraps of detail. Maybe release the screenshots so we can all have look? Classic Square Enix.

If Final Fantasy VII Remake isn't at E3 2018, we'll probably just give up.