Star Wars Battlefront 2 seems much more complete than its predecessor, adding space battles and a single player campaign to the mix. But there’s additional good news for offline players: Arcade mode will enable you to take the fight to a bunch of bots – and there’ll even be local split-screen support if that’s your thing.

“Arcade is a new mode allowing you to take on AI enemies and hone your skills across a variety of scenarios,” the PlayStation Blog explains. “In the beta, you’ll have two options: a 10-on-10 team battle with AI allies and enemies, and a Hero vs. many scenario where you’ll take control of Darth Maul and fight against legions of foes on Naboo.”

You’ll be able to import all of your unlocks from the multiplayer suite into the Arcade mode, and more importantly you’ll collect currency which can then be invested into Crates in order to unlock more Star Cards and features for online play. So basically, the offline and online options intertwine and feed into the same reward loop.

The beta for Star Wars Battlefront 2 begins on 4th October if you’ve pre-ordered the game before 1st October, but it’ll go public on 6th October and run through 9th October. Are you planning to put the sequel through its paces? Feel the force in the comments section below.