Sony wants the PlayStation 4 to appeal to a wider audience now that it’s successfully sold 60 million units. Talking about its new PlayLink line – where the games are controlled using a smartphone rather than a more traditional DualShock 4 – bigwig Jim Ryan believes that appealing to a new market outside of core gaming communities will help propel the platform to 100 million units.

“We’ve now sold through 60 million PS4s, so the core gamer audience is bought in,” he told Inside PlayStation. “So now we’re looking for ways to appeal to a new audience, a less engaged audience, a younger audience – perhaps even an older audience. So people who may be a little bit intimidated by the DualShock 4 and all of its buttons, so the thinking was to find an interface that people are very familiar and comfortable with, and there’s nothing better than a smartphone.”

The platform holder’s got multiple PlayLink titles on the way, including the fascinating Hidden Agenda, which is a social crime detective type title. We’re also starting to see its marketing shift towards kids, as evidenced by a recent commercial which focuses on titles like Yooka-Laylee and Knack 2. Do you think this is the right strategy – or are you worried core gamers may get left behind?