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We suppose that it's about time we heard something regarding Journey's long-awaited arrival on PlayStation 4. thatgamecompany's superb PlayStation 3 adventure still has some of us captivated even today, so news that it'll actually be available both digitally and physically on Sony's newest home console is a pleasant surprise.

The title will come bundled with flOw and Flower on a single disc, in a package dubbed the Journey Collector's Edition. As for a vague release date, Sony's said that the scarf-wearing wanderer will, er, journey to PS4 this summer. We suppose that it is quite a warm little game, after all.

Perhaps the best news, though, is that the digital version will come free of charge if you already own the game digitally on PS3 – you couldn't possibly ask for more than that, especially since the new-gen edition will run in 1080p at 60 frames-per-second.

Are you looking forward to reaching enlightenment all over again? Let your robes ruffle in the wind in the comments section below.

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