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This Multicoloured PlayStation 4 Has an Important Message

Posted by Sammy Barker

Lovin' it

Sony has announced a wealth of different PlayStation 4 skins for its next-gen super machine, but they all pale in comparison to this one. Available exclusively at Swedish retailer Webhallen, the colourful unit has been designed to tie in to the Stockholm Pride Festival, which is set to kick off today. The vibrant device will be auctioned off, with the proceeds donated to rights organisation RFSL.

“To a lot of youths, gaming is a helping hand to escape from abuse or worse in the real world,” the store wrote on its official website. “We at Webhallen are gamers in our hearts and souls, wanting everyone to be a part of the world’s fastest growing hobby: computer and video games.” The organisation definitely deserves kudos for putting out such a positive message – but it should get additional credit for actually, y'know, coming up with an appealing custom console design.


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Reverend_Skeeve said:

That PS4 looks fabulous! And I love the message. Would totally buy that if it was available as a custom system.



zeldagaymer93 said:

As a gaymer, I really love the message of this. However, I don't like the tacky heart on the side. If it was nothing but the rainbow then it would look even better, imo!



LexKitteh said:

Also another gaymer and would enjoy this more than the standard black/white variations



Elitehitman56 said:

If you can't comment positively then please do not comment at all. Your comment was unnecessary -Tasuki-




Agree with the message completely, but there's no way I could have this in my front room.

It just doesn't go with anything! Still, nice.



Tasuki said:

Ok guys I know this article can be viewed as a touchy subject but lets keep our personal views about the subject to ourselves. If you are going to comment on this please comment on the article at hand and do not use the comments for your own personal soapbox. If you can't say something nice then please don't comment.

I will say that this article has been up for about a day now and I have had to only edit one comment so on the plus side I am quite happy that we can keep the comments civil.

Still if I have to edit your comment please take that as a hint/warning that kind of talk is not allowed here and keep in mind that I will be keeping an eye on you and if you do so choose to carry on the way you were warned about well then you will be met with consequences.

If someone does troll please don't fire back at them just report them and move on.

Thanks for understanding everyone



ThreadShadow said:

The message of the rainbow is actually a promise. God promised Noah He would never destroy the earth in a worldwide flood again. But the heart is actually a symbol of the female body/ This PS4 tells the message that the world is safe from a second worldwide flood and that girl parts are great!




@Tasuki I saw the comment that you deleted, and I am sincerely glad you did. Thank you for keeping this little corner of the internet intelligent, and free of such ill considered comments.



Tasuki said:

@Johnnycide: It's not a problem at all. We want everyone to feel welcome here no matter what their tastes are be it personal, video game or whatever.

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