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What New PS4 Features Do You Want? Share Your Ideas with Sony

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony’s been uncharacteristically receptive to consumer feedback over the past year or so, responding to criticisms pointed at the PlayStation 4 with real urgency. And now it wants your help to make its next-gen console even better, with the re-launched PlayStation Blog Share tool open to your best ideas.

Regular readers may recall this feature on the PlayStation 3, but now it’s been rebooted with the platform holder’s flagship format specifically in mind. Current popular suggestions include the ability to delete Trophy data for games stuck at zero per cent, the option to change PlayStation Network usernames, and the addition of an application for YouTube.

While there’s no guarantee that your particular proposal will get implemented, the Japanese giant insists that it regularly peruses the ideas of users in order to aid internal decisions. “[This is] a public resource and reference point that helps internal SCEA employees survey interest and trends across various topics both large and small,” the page explains.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any specific suggestions, as you can still vote and comment on the ideas of others in order to make your voice heard. Personally, we reckon that this submission for the ability to pause and prioritise downloads deserves more heat, but which features are most important to you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Kyroki said:

I mentioned this in the forums. I'd love the ability to put my downloaded/indie titles in alphabetical order. Personally I think it would make searching for games far handier and I just think it'd be a good addition.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Yep. The main menu needs streamlining with sorting available. I can only say that what I'm missing is mp3 playback. Sony is making that silly retailers mistake of giving its consumers exactly what they want.



Carl-G said:

I can't be bothered asking for stuff anymore. The last update i got nothing i wanted really(& i posted my wants on nearly every gaming site to) :-/ I am o.k tho & not bitter about it because as they say 'You can't always get what you want'




main menu needs organisation and to let us customize it give us our own personalization

still waiting on the patch to rec party chat and own chat same time
( must for youtubers )

when DL games have the option to stop and pause games to let others download first like on ps3

i think so far i like most the things but i feel 2014 is when we will see the best of ps4



banacheck said:


i think so far i like most the things but i feel 2014 is when we will see the best of ps4

We are in 2014.

(PS4 PSN) With DLC it should be clear which file you should download if there is more the one DLC file, like EU 5678GB UK 5657GB etc.

Your PS4 should know if you have certain DLC already installed, your PS4 shouldn't be trying and download it again when you are downloading newer DLC for the same game.

The option to pause downloads like the PS3, as others have said.

(the new play as you download) have the option to download the whole game, and when your using the play as you download always have a progression bar in the Notifications until it's fully downloaded. Sony needs to tell the dev's to include these options, especially as Wolfenstein you only download 10GB and your left wondering where the rest of the game is as nothing tells you.



Blink007 said:

I think that PS4 needs to reintroduce the ability to playback videos and music from USB stick again like the PS3 could. I miss being able to listen to music without having to subscribe to something.



kmelbluf said:

the options to pause downloads and adds more users, it is only 16 in ps4, just like ps3, but it will be great to adds more users.



7yL3r8 said:

Organizing the home screen, custom themes, being able to set the time when the system checks for downloads while in standby, being able to pause downloads, and being able to hide the default apps I don't use.



charlesnarles said:

I still don't like holding the ps button for like 30 whole seconds in order to watch Netflix with the ds4 off. And you have to wait for it to be done buffering and have started playing or else it stops it. Just make it like ds3...



jayclayx said:

when in the f#@#$ we will get a proper youtube app and a decent dnla stream multimedia player? I don't give a coconut for the video share features.



Cypress101 said:

The ps4 needs 3d blueray, DNLA, YouTube app and mostly be able to access our trophys when We don't want to be online,



kensredemption said:

I'd like it if they had a Skype, Oovoo or Mumble app on the PS4 to make it easier to coordinate between PS3 and PC players on Final Fantasy XIV.



ruckus757 said:

i would say a couple things would make it alot better than it already is

1. ability to transfer music/video files to your PS4 so you can listen to or watch that movie whenever you want just like the PS3

2. be able to use Bluetooth headsets (cheap on ear headsets like the SOCOM bluetooth) just like the PS3

3. give us the option to put any image as the background of our dashboard. i love my PS4 but that blue screen is getting annoying... i should be able to put a picture of the Division as my wallpaper.... just like the PS3

4. An actual Youtube app and the ability to upload videos to your youtube page from the dashboard or app itself...

5. this is one that could or could not be nice for some people but allow people to pick from a list of sony music that plays at the Dashboard instead of that soft music that makes me wanna fall asleep.... (just a thought)

6. can we pick which corner to put the notification box at please lol

thats it really just some stuff that would make the dashboard alot cleaner and customizable....



dgwdum said:

I just want the ability to be able to change my gamertag, even if I have to pay.



jmburks said:

I want to be able to organize the home screen better. I also would like for only the TV apps that i downloaded to appear on the home screen rather then all of the apps available. Also i want to be able to pause a game, switch to Netflix and then back to right where i left off in the game.



JaxonH said:

1) Organizing home screen with new layout. Customization of icon placement
2) Ability to delete unwanted apps, such as Music and Video Unlimited
3) Pause, resume and prioritize downloads
4) Remove all paid ads from PSN

5*) Perhaps in the future, add a built-in social site for PS4 gamers to post, comment, add screenshots and video clips, etc.

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