Fans of survival horror are enjoying something of a resurgence in the genre right now, as the likes of Outlast, Daylight, and The Evil Within leave us chilled to the bone. However, reports coming out of Japan suggest that Capcom’s poised to join the party, and that it will announce Resident Evil 7 for the PlayStation 4 at E3 later this year.

The speculation stems from a report in economic publication Sankei Shimbun, which hints that the firm is preparing to unveil an “important game” that’s believed to be the next entry in the scary series. While the sequel isn’t mentioned outright, there’s no doubt that the fear-inducing franchise is the Mega Man creator’s biggest by far. The article adds that should it exist, it would likely match its predecessor's sales, and exceed numbers in the region of 5.6 million units.

While the PS4 version is the only one referenced, it’s worth mentioning that the game is unlikely to be an exclusive – especially if the publisher's banking on big sales. However, it’s perfectly possible that the sequel could show up during Sony’s press conference, even if recent entries have been aligned with Microsoft’s platform in the past.