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Sony: PS4 Will Remain Difficult to Find Until the Summer

Posted by Sammy Barker

What a sell out

Sony’s next-gen super machine will remain supply constrained until the summer, group president Andrew House has told the Wall Street Journal. Previously, the platform holder indicated that the PlayStation 4 would become readily available in April, but the aforesaid executive stressed that the organisation is still struggling to keep up with demand in North America and Europe.

Back at the start of the month, the manufacturer revealed that it had sold 6 million next-gen consoles, putting it ahead of its projections for the fiscal year. At the Tokyo Game Show, the company said that it expected to sell five million units by the end of March, but it stands a good chance of being closer to seven million units once the figures are tallied up.

Of course, while the stock shortages are a sign of the system’s success, they’re also frustrating for fans trying to track down the format. The console has been sold out for much of the month here in the UK, and still remains something of a challenge to find in the USA. Assuming that the company does get on top of things in the summer, it better use that time effectively, as Destiny is certain to bring another uptick of interest in September.


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malicious_taco said:

I'm pretty sure this refers to independent console bundles. I'm sure the Watch_Dogs bundle will also sell plenty more and will be very popular.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Its not a huge problem now but in the summer and autumn it may backfire on Sony with so many big games coming round towards the end of the year. If they can improve stock supply in the next couple of months they should do okay but its not promising. I don't see a slump in demand happening anytime soon.



GunstarHero234 said:

At my GameStop in Atlanta, Ga U.S.A there's plenty of them in the front behind the counter to buy. Even on the doors states 'We have PLENTY of PS4 in Stock' so that kinda weird that it sold out everywhere.



ToddlerNaruto said:

I just hope that my Best Buy will still carry PS4s in stock when the price drops down to $300 New or cheaper in 2-3 years.

(there's probably a good chance Sony will have released a "second gen" PS4 model by then though)



KAPADO said:

I hope Sony is ready to hand that sales early lead over to Microsoft pretty soon then.
how can they not manufacture enough consoles aren't there these poor Asians being worked like modern day slaves making PS4's non stop ?



GraveLordXD said:

Got mine on Amazon no problems with 2 day shipping total $414 that's right for some reason didn't have to pay taxes on it so I got it a lot cheaper even with express delivery than if I actually had to go out and hunt one down



BambooBushido said:

@KAPADO At least it's not as bad as Wii was from the stories I've herd it took Nintendo almost a full year to make more Wii's available

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