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Arc System Works' First PS4 Project Is Not the Flashy Fighter You May Expect

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Japanese developer Arc System Works may be best known for the BlazBlue and Persona 4 Arena franchises, but its first foray into the world of PlayStation 4 development couldn’t be further away from its flashy fighting games. Available now from the Eastern arm of the PlayStation Store, Absolute E-Mahjong is a digital recreation of the tabletop classic, in which you’ll play against six buxom female opponents.

This game’s actually been available on the PlayStation Vita for some time, but if you prefer your mahjong on the big screen, then this is your best option. The digital download will set you back ¥1,500 ($15.00), and is up for grabs right now. To be honest, we’re not the biggest fans of the ancient Chinese pastime – but we can sure get behind the groovy disco soundtrack in the trailer embedded below. Do you think that you’ve got the brain power to outwit these lovely ladies? Test your grey matter in the comments section.


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MadchesterManc said:

I've been playing this a bit the past few days (tweeting screenshots via #Ps4Share too ) it's not bad if you like mahjong. The groovy soundtrack & nice art makes it stand out a little from the usual mahjong games.



belmont said:

-Hey let's make a PS4 game.
-It should be a port of our Vita mahjong game.
-You are right. No one would buy Blazblue or Persona 4 Arena on PS4?




Cloud7794 said:

Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? D: I'm tired of just Injustice on PS4, please bring us our Guilty Gear already <.<

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