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Sony: UK PS4 Stock to Remain in Short Supply Until April

Posted by Sammy Barker

Platform holder never predicted demand

While it’s definitely getting slightly easier to find a PlayStation 4 in the UK, the system still isn’t as readily available as it probably should be. Previously, the platform holder suggested that the situation could remain this way until March, but now the firm doesn’t expect that it will fully satisfy demand until as late as April.

“I can’t work it out precisely, but based on what I’ve seen so far, I think that it's going to be tricky until around about April,” SCEUK managing director Fergal Gara told MCV. “You might get a fortnight or a week here or there where it’s more available, but we should be back to free supply by about April. That’s our best guess. It might be a little earlier than that, or it might be a little later.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the always outspoken executive added that the manufacturer couldn’t believe the number of pre-orders that it received prior to the next-gen system’s release. “They were so big that we were pinching ourselves and wondering if people were pre-ordering in more than one place, and if some of these pre-orders were real,” he added. “We were getting numbers that we never imagined.”

To date, the platform has sold 5.3 million units worldwide, with the install base likely to get another big boost following the console's launch in Japan earlier today. Are you still struggling to track down the device, or are you starting to see them with some more regularity now? Find a format in the comments section below.


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Carl-G said:

I just want the 'Sony PS4 Dual Shock Controller Charging Unit' but since Xmas it's never been in stock in the UK + I have never even seen a PS4 box in any of the UK Retail shops EVER yet(well the few i go to now & then)



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

There's been some stock of ps4 in my local Tesco for a few weeks. But I imagine this is a rarity because I ain't seen them anywhere else.



Crimson_Ridley said:

They seem to be available in my town, which is good because after all the extra hours I'm putting in at work I'll be able to pick mine up in 3 weeks!

I'm starting to get very giddy!



N711 said:

No rush for me as the games Im interested in are not out yet. But I got the feeling it maybe be hard to find a PS4 when the top games fall like bombs at the same time.



Ginkgo said:

Australia apparently has stock! Actual PS4s sitting on shelves. First time. It only took 3 months. Not sure how Sony managed to find stock during the Japan launch but hey. It will be interesting to see how long the stock lasts and if it sells out or not.

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