PlayStation 4 Stock UK

You want a PlayStation 4, and we’re determined to help you to find one. Sony’s next generation system has been a smash success in the UK, selling a record-breaking 250,000 units in just 48 hours – but the platform holder has still struggled to meet demand. That means that consoles are in short supply this Christmas, but they can be found if you shop around.

We’ve been in contact with all of the nation’s leading retailers in order to get snapshot of the availability around the country, and we’ve compiled our findings for your perusal. The good news is that many of Britain’s leading stores are expecting new stock prior to the holidays, and there will be wild units available for you to score if you’re swift.


Perhaps your first port of call for high-street gaming goods, GAME is naturally one of your best bets for tracking down Sony’s latest super machine. The retailer received Phase 3 stock at many of its outlets yesterday, and some of these were unreserved. We’ve been told by several shops that it will have new stock in the run up to Christmas, so your best bet is to call your local store on a regular basis and inquire about the situation.


Britain’s top green-grocer also happens to hold a large stake in the interactive entertainment arena – and so, perhaps unsurprisingly, Tesco is also expecting new PS4 stock between now and Christmas. A support representative for the company told us that new units will be available “intermittently” in the run up to 25th December, though we were unable to track down a specific date. However, you can register for stock alerts via the supermarket’s website through here.


Argos always tends to have what you need, and that includes the PS4, as the shop’s told us to expect new systems to come into stock for both “store pickup and home delivery” prior to Christmas. There’s no word on a date just yet, but as with GAME, it may be worth maintaining daily contact with your local outlet. You can also check local stock on the catalogue-based retailer’s website.

John Lewis

The new ‘Bear and Hare’ commercial may be another smash from John Lewis, but the upmarket retailer isn’t entirely sure whether it will be receiving any new PS4 stock prior to Christmas. We were told by a representative that the company has more units on order, but that it doesn’t have a “confirmed date” for their arrival just yet. Still, if you’re near a store, it may be worth contacting them by telephone for more information.

Currys PC World

There is new PS4 stock coming into Currys PC World before 25th December, but a company representative told us that “due to the vast amount of pre-orders taken, we will not have stock available [for general sale] before Christmas”. It may still be worth checking with your local branch in case someone fails to collect their unit, but it sounds like the electronics retailer may not be your best bet for tracking down a PS4 in time for the big day.

Amazon, ShopTo, and Others

The high street is, of course, not the only place that you’ll be able to find new PS4 stock. Fresh systems have been appearing on sites such as Amazon and intermittently for the past few days. Unfortunately, neither retailer is offering forewarning of when these are hitting the web. As such, if you want to secure a system, you’re going to need to keep a keen eye on as many websites as possible – and hope that you can ‘Add to Basket’ quick enough.

Have you managed to find a PS4 in the UK? Do you have a top tip for tracking a console down? Share your shopping stories in the comments section below.

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