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Sony May Be Furthering Music Unlimited's Functionality on PS4

Posted by Finlay Milligan

Fine tuning

Sony may be extending its audio options even further, as a recent report suggests that the PlayStation 4 and Music Unlimited service could be about to get a lot more friendly. Pocket-Lint caught up with Sony Network Entertainment's director of music Anu Kirk, who hinted that there are ongoing talks regarding the ways in which the on-demand streaming platform could be enhanced on the Japanese giant's freshest format.

“We’re looking at ways to add more integration for gamers on that platform in the near future," he said. "It would be silly for us not to look at more close integration of gaming and the Music Unlimited service.” While the application can already be accessed during gameplay, future updates could see your own personal playlists integrated into titles such as Grand Theft Auto V.

It seems like a smart move, too, considering the use of Music Unlimited has surged since the launch of the PS4. According to Kirk, "the business has more than doubled in subscriber growth and we’ve sustained that momentum”. Would enhanced in-game functionality tempt you to join the audio network? Are you already planning a (possible) career as a Los Santos DJ? Pump up the volume in the comments section below.


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CodeSe7en said:

That GTA V example is an EXCELLENT way to integrate the music. That would get me to join.



get2sammyb said:

This does sound good. The problem is, integration into games would give developers more work. I imagine for something like GTAV's radio stations to play your own music, Rockstar would have to code extra stuff, and I just can't see third-parties going to that effort.




@get2sammyb not necessarily, stations could be tagged as a 'type', then the playlist creation could be done by the MU sense me functions. Or the player.

Great idea, I live MU.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

GTAV should be integrated with the Tunein app, simply common sense. However I have no interest in the game.



scarecrowknife said:

How about you just enable mp3 playback. Music unlimited is far too limited to be of any use to me.



Heshmagray said:

Music Unlimited is a cool feature and I chose to subscribe whilst it was £3 for 3 months. But taking into account that it's around £10 a month after that, I will not be renewing the subscription as I don't think it's worth that. Also they say it's doubled in subscribers, I wonder if that's taking into account the people that took the deal and I wonder how many people will no re subscribe after it's ended?



rastamadeus said:

@get2sammyb Or they could just have it as a CD you put in the car to play your own music? A wee bit of animation to show you switching from radio to CD player wouldn't be much work. Besides that's the sort of thing R* would love to do as then it's another excuse to not bother giving us Heists and Story DLC.

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