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Sharing Is Daring in This New PlayStation 4 Promotional Trailer

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony’s letting the PlayStation 4 tread water a little at the minute. While it waits for new stock to arrive around the world, the company is content with updating you on some of the system’s key features – and that includes its ability to easily capture gameplay footage. This brand new trailer shows clips from a variety of launch titles, and ends with some new scenes from inFAMOUS: Second Son. The promise? You’ll be playing it soon.


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JaxonH said:

PS4's ability to capture video is genius. However, they missed the mark by not integrating a gamer-oriented social site for us to upload the videos to. I hate Facebook integration. I despise it, actually. I never capture videos because I have nowhere to upload them to share. PS4 needs a Miiverse of its own. I post screenshots and write comments constantly while gaming on Wii U/3DS because it's all gamers who own the system. People who will appreciate that gorgeous screenshot I just took. Facebook? Not so much.

I know screenshots/videos are still stored on the system, but without anyone to share them with (who actually cares), I haven't had much reason to capture as of yet. Still, I'm glad the feature is there at least. Now, if only they can add video capture to Vita and create some kind of Sony-equivalent of Miiverse to share them on, these systems will absolutely rock!



Shaunms401 said:

I still have not touched this button yet. It would be nice if you could share gameplay directly with developers like Dice to show bf4 issues.



Gemuarto said:

I hate Sony, because share function on PS4 is very annoying, stupid and inconvinient. Do they even have some guy who thinks about consumer convinience? Did you ever tried to upload several screenshots at one time? OMG.... that was so painfull and stupid.



Gemuarto said:

Share button on PS4 was made for monkeys and zombies, not humans... =(...

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