Sucker Punch’s superhero sequel inFAMOUS: Second Son is set to launch next month, meaning that you’re no doubt itching to smash up the release’s obsessive recreation of Seattle. However, before you begin vaporizing the residents of the rainy region, you may want to keep one minor detail in mind: every pedestrian in the PlayStation 4 exclusive is based upon a real person.

Voice actor Troy Baker – who also played Joel in The Last of Us – revealed the tidbit on Twitter earlier today, having just got his hands on the title. “Fact,” wrote the star. “All of the ‘pedestrians’ populating Seattle in Second Son are actual Seattleites whose likenesses were scanned and put in the game.”

Ever the gloriously groomed tease, the talented larynx lender also had a few thoughts to share about the actual adventure itself. “Holy god,” he said of the taster. “You guys ain’t seen nothing yet.” We’re hoping that the star’s referring to the fact that famous Seattle citizen Kurt Cobain has a cameo in the game. And if not, we reckon that you should at least be able to kit out protagonist Delsin Rowe in a roomy cardigan inspired by the late Nirvana lead.