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UK PS4 Stock Sneaks into the Spotlight at Amazon

Posted by Sammy Barker

Lightning strikes

Despite some meaty shipments all over the globe, it’s amazing that the PlayStation 4 remains a real challenge to track down. Granted, it may be a bit easier to skewer a system this side of Christmas, but any available stock is still getting snapped up within hours of it becoming available. If you’re still in pursuit of a spangly new system, then, you may want to hurry your digital posterior over to right now. Don't worry your little cotton socks, we'll wait.

As you hopefully should have seen, the online retailer has a fresh supply of Knack bundles available at the time of typing – but we don't expect them to last very long. Don't worry if you don't nab one, though, as it’s promising that a brand new batch of vanilla systems and Killzone: Shadow Fall bundles will arrive over the coming days. Incredibly, anticipation for the former has glued it to the top of the digital plaza’s best selling products page for the past few days.

Are you aware of hardware availability elsewhere? Are you still having trouble tracking down a device? Share your joy (or disappointment) in the comments section below.


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Shadowsoul83 said:

Can not wait to get my PS4! Very impatiently waiting for it, but it has an estimated delivery date by the 28/03/2014 Hopefully it will arrive sooner!

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