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Sly Cooper's the Latest Sony Series to Sneak onto Tablets and Smartphones

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony’s not going third-party, but it sure doesn’t seem to care about putting its wares on mobile platforms at the minute. Following in the hurried footsteps of endless runner Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus and match three adventure Knack’s Quest, the platform holder has now tossed Sly Cooper spin-off Bentley’s Hackpack onto iOS and Android devices.

Those of you with a reasonable memory will recall the minigame compilation launching on the PlayStation 3 and Vita around the same time as its full console counterpart, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The compilation of simple shooting galleries and Marble Madness-esque arcade action can be downloaded for free irrespective of operating system.

The platform holder clearly sees these giveaways as a good opportunity to advertise its brands, so we wonder if this means that we’ll be reading from the Thievius Raccoonus again soon. Speculation suggests that developer Sanzaru Games may be busying itself with some kind of sequel to last year’s follow-up, especially as it performed surprisingly well at retail. Are your light fingers shaking over the prospect of a next-gen date with Carmelita? Clean us out in the comments section below.


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Jaz007 said:

I should be happy that Sanzaru is probably making Sly 5, and I loved Theives in Time, but I'm actually disappointed that it looks like Sucker Punch isn't making it. Sanzaru can only make a shadow of what Suker Punch did, they have to use their own vision to make it work, but it's just such a clear downgrade with the costumes and stuff from the gadgets. I just don't want another game where I can write a whole list of reasons (there a good number a small reasons why I think it's not as good) why it's not as good as the games made 7 years ago. I'll definitely still buy it though lol.



get2sammyb said:

@Jaz007 I thought Sanzaru did a great job of replicating the Sucker Punch games. My issues was that it didn't do much to push them forward. I love the formula, though, so like you, will buy a new version without a second thought.



RaymanFan2 said:

I thought Thieves in Time was as good as Sly 2 and 3.

It's just a shame they didn't go back to Sly 1's arcade, corridor, Crash Bandicoot-esque platforming. I don't like the open world approach as much.

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