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Is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Biting PS4? There Could Be Some Hope

Posted by Sammy Barker

Please, for the love of Dracul

Sony’s former flagship format is far from being obsolete, with titles such as Dark Souls II and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on the way to the PlayStation 3. One other game that’s preventing us from putting away our current-gen console is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, which is set to sink its teeth into the Japanese giant’s evergreen hardware soon. But could it glug a glass of blood on the platform holder’s next-gen system, too?

Spanish studio MercurySteam is remaining coy, but it has hinted that the PC iteration of the release is comparable to a PlayStation 4 title. “The limitations of the [PS3], we can push that back,” he said of the port, as part of a wider interview with GameSpot. “We designed the game engine for next-gen in mind. We knew that this would be the last game that we did on current-gen, so in many ways the PC version is almost like a test run for us.”

With developers such as Crystal Dynamics bringing re-releases like Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition to the new console, an upgraded version of Gabriel Belmont's bloodthirsty escapade certainly seems possible. After all, the PS4's super simplistic PC architecture means that a conversion probably wouldn’t trouble publisher Konami too much. For now, though, the title’s only confirmed for computers and current-gen consoles – but there was a time when spin-off Mirror of Fate was a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, too.


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Sonicfan11589 said:

Oh I hope so, there are a ton of games releasing over the next month that i want. And i want to try and save some of my money if possible.



Tasuki said:

Still need to finish Mirror of Fate on the 3DS. I played the first one on the Xbox 360 and enjoyed it so if this one comes to PS4 I would pick it up for that more then likely.



belmont said:

This highly reminds of the situation with Mirror of Fate. They said that they made the game in HD and downscaled it to the 3DS before the release of the game. They somehow confirmed the PS3 port at some point. And I was stupid enough to buy it day one by spending 50 euros and playing the inferior version since only some months later they released it on PS3 for 13 euros. The game was a strange 2D God of War clone, not a true Castlevania game.



Banedracul said:

I'd love for it to come to the PS4 as well, though if it doesn't, I'll just get the PS3 version. I've been a die hard Castlevania fan since the first one on NES.



Lionhart said:

CastleVania on the PS4? Pssh! I'm not even interested in buying the PS4. I PS3 is far more important to our family than the expensive PS4. More importantly, I just want for Konami/Dave Cos and Ken Levine to bring CastleVania and BioShock to the PS Vita.

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