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PSN Maintenance Extended an Extra Couple of Hours

Posted by Sammy Barker

You could always take up stamp collecting

No, the PlayStation Network has not been hacked again – Sony’s just taking its sweet time with its latest period of scheduled maintenance. As reported earlier, the platform holder had planned to perform some construction work on the online service between 09:00AM PST and 14:00PM PST – but it will now run until 16:00PM PST. For those of you in the UK, that means that you may still be seeing errors until around midnight.

Ordinarily, the downtime usually allows you to get online and play your games, but we’ve been locked out all evening. Supposedly, the Japanese giant is working to allow the activation of additional portable devices on a single PSN account, so those of you with multiple Vitas may see some benefits from this outage. For the record, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida feels your pain, agreeing with one Twitter complainer that maintenance is “very last gen”. Someone’s getting a rollicking in the morning, then.


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rjejr said:

Thanks for the update Mr. B. I don't know why I can never find this stuff out on the PS Blog. I wouldnt even bother going there but it's so hard to keep up w/ the comings and goings of the PS+ stuff. Ni No kuni goes away tomorrow and I was trying to buy it today. The PS+ blog update mentions all the stuff going away NEXT WEEK, but they dont mention the stuff going away tomorrow. But it's still the best play to go and try to figure out what is going on w/ PS+. No offense.



odd69 said:

I think you can get the games discounted until the store updates so i think all hope isnt lost.

I would like to say that this is bulls*** for MMO players. Another reason why i cant justify paying to play FF anymore. After this month is up, its getting cancelled(my subscription). I get more enjoyment out of defiance and its free to play. I understand it's not square's fault but i'm losing money and i dont like feeling obligated to play a game anymore. A day is alot of time to lose and the maintenance from the servers every week just doesnt justify 12.99 a month. end/rant

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