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Rumour: Gears of War Creator Plotting Something Epic for PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Burning brighter than a Fenix

Gears of War creator Epic Games could be planning a title for the PlayStation 4 – at least, that's the insinuation from a couple of co-founder Mark Rein’s personal Tweets over the past few days. The company – which is also behind the Unreal Engine – has associated itself closely with Sony’s next generation system since February, and speculation suggests that it may be about to announce something during Spike TV’s big launch broadcast.

Having already posted a picture of a PS4 development kit to his Twitter profile, the executive followed it up with an image of a TV screen, counting down to the platform’s launch. Almost immediately afterwards, Rein then retweeted Geoff Keighley’s message regarding world premieres during the aforementioned livestream. Could the developer be involved with the event?

In honesty, there’s not a whole lot of evidence to go on, but we could definitely see Fortnite making the jump to Sony’s system. The co-operative sandbox survival game sees you working in teams to forage objects, build defences, and fend off waves of encroaching monsters. Interestingly, Epic Games Poland – the studio formerly known as People Can Fly – was recently pulled onto the project, making a console port of the PC game much more feasible. We’ll have to wait and see...


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Shellybird27 said:

Cool, I'm really hyped for that Spike TV event, I wonder how many reveals they will have?



Carl-G said:

@Legendaryboss Er NO The only game i got from 'Epic' ever was 'Unreal Tournament 3'(on the PS3) & that was o.k'ish('Quake 3: Revolution' on the PS2 is soooooooo much better than that game for me) Apart from that 'for ME' i really really erm really couldn't care less



Ginkgo said:

Was never a big gears fan, but they do produce some good co-op fun.
Regardless, a studio of Epic's renown working on a PS4 game would be great news!!



Ali247 said:

I was always a BIG gears fan and my brother is no.2 in the world in gears of war 2 so I am very excited



Carl-G said:

@Shellybird27 What you on about? I wasn't rude to him? I just said what i think about EPIC games. Anyway he called me a 'LIAR' in the 1st place if you want to start saying those things. Tell him off 1st



Lionhart said:

Gears of War Judgement is the first "Gears" game that I've ever played and actually enjoyed. Epic Games truly has a gift and talent for developing quality multiplayer games. I just wish more of these video game developers would develop games on the PS Vita instead of keeping things a PS3 or PS4 exclusive.

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