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Unsurprisingly, Grand Theft Auto V Is the PSN's Biggest Ever Digital Release

Posted by Sammy Barker

Well, duh

At this point, Rockstar Games is just going to roll its eyes whenever it smashes another sales record. As part of its monthly European PlayStation Store charts, Sony has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V has become the biggest selling digital release in the online plaza’s history, stealing the crown away from previous record holder The Last of Us. The firm didn’t provide any figures, but the open world adventure easily managed to outpace fellow September competitor FIFA 14.

Elsewhere, Killzone: Mercenary predictably sauntered to the summit of the PlayStation Vita chart, fending off competition from The Walking Dead and Real Boxing. Meanwhile, in the retro section, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas maintained its chokehold on the top spot, scaring off Silent Hill and the original Crash Bandicoot.

Over in North America, there was no word on Grand Theft Auto V breaking any records, but it still topped the PlayStation 3 best sellers list, with Diablo III finishing just behind. Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC occupied six of the top add-ons slots, while the smash hit Scientific Electronic Calculator charted in the PlayStation Mobile category. You can peruse the full rundown of popular releases through here and here for the United States and Europe respectively. Don't forget to tell us what you've been buying in the comments section below.


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Alpha said:

Recently i bought Grand Theft Auto V via PSN release (works perfect like the retail disc, no pop in errors, probably becuase i have enough open space on my HDD. ) and i also bought Tales of Xillia.



divinelite said:

Only Kickbeat I guess it's September right? Or I'm mistaken.

Killzone is physical even though I really should have digital with 5$ off like this



charlesnarles said:

@Alpha dude, you're lucky. I had 400+ gb free and mine freaked out when my completion got to about 30%. Just wait, unless that patch cleared up some of those pop issues too... I haven't seen bad ones in a while either, come to think of it, so hopefully never again. I'm just dealing with DS3s' little problems with clicking L3 while moving the L stick = triangle/any D-pad direction. I'm always flying or driving and just jump out and die, or trying to sprint and really just change guns and die. I shouldn't have to take it apart and reenforce the insulation myself.

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