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Sounds Like the PS4 Won't Make Too Much Noise

Posted by Sammy Barker

Quiet as you like

There's nothing worse than a noisy console when you're trying to absorb yourself in a movie or a game. While the PlayStation 3 has always been pretty quiet, many worried that its successor's slim line shell may result in some loud fans. Fortunately, initial tests are looking positive for Sony's next generation super machine.

Technology website Computer Bild – who recently got its hands on an early PlayStation 4 debug kit – tested the console against a first generation PS3, and found that both machines outputted around 0.83 sones after about 10 minutes of operation. However, after a full hour, the current generation console was kicking out 2.1 sones, while the PS4 stayed at just 0.83 sones. Both machines were measured from a distance of 16 inches.

It's worth noting that the disc drive was not operational in either device during these tests, and the consoles were simply running their respective menu screens. It's also not clear whether the PS3 had received much use in the past, as this could skew the results. Nevertheless, the platform holder has promised that its impending system will be whisper quiet, so this looks like a strong start.


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longshot28 said:

My ps3 only ever went crazy during long sessions of BF3 and now GTA V, it is a first run fatboy but those are the only two games that ever set it off.



sammy760 said:

I'm not sure but does it say it takes 21 seconds to boot the ps4 ? Or did they take the ps3 time?



Gamer83 said:

Anything will be quiet compared to the original model of the 360. That thing was ridiculously loud.



ShogunRok said:

My fat PS3 used to go mental when playing games like LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption, with that really noisy fan setting kicking in. My slim on the other hand hardly ever makes a peep.

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