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Don't Expect Any PS4 Specific Features in The Division Just Yet

Posted by Sammy Barker

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You won’t be swiping the PlayStation 4 controller’s touchpad to change weapons in Ubisoft Massive’s upcoming The Division – well, not in the current build anyway. Chatting with Official Xbox Magazinewe know – game director Ryan Bernard explained that the Swedish company is focusing its attention on parity between the next generation systems.

“Currently, right now, because we're releasing for both platforms, we want the best game experience for both," he said. "We're not planning specific content or specific unique, I guess, elements for either platform.” That seems to rule out light bar shenanigans for the time being, but Bernard added that things could change before release.

“We have a long development cycle, and who knows what will happen by the time that the game is released?” he pondered. “But at the [moment], currently we're not planning anything unique." Given the title’s reception at E3, we’re sure that both platform holders will be bidding over exclusive content as we type. Come on, Sony – it’s worth another fiver, surely?


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PMasterTy9 said:

This is the kind of crap that pisses me off and if more developers think this way whats the point of having consoles that are different or unique. If using the touchpad or the lightbar is more efficient or makes the game better how is it the "best experience for both systems"? No, you are just making a generic experience that can be utilized by either system instead of creating a game that utilizes the strengths of each console. It's not like I am expecting you to develop the game to use the Move, just the basic controller that comes with the system.



InsertNameHere said:

A Colonel Radec or Capture troop skin would be fantastic, I wouldn't mind a Nathan Hale or Drake skin either, but Sony could arrange that themselves.

Aside from some Assassins Creed skins or weapons, I'm not exactly sure what exclusive content Ubisoft could offer that would make me want to buy the game more since I already plan on camping outside GameStop.

I agree with you @PMasterTy9, people aren't getting the best experience if the light bar and track pad aren't utilized. Of course they aren't saying that they won't add in PS4 specific features, just that they're focusing on making sure the game plays well first.



MadchesterManc said:

They've not ruled anything out. I like the idea that they are focusing on the base game at the moment. Theres nothing there that says they wont add Ps4 specific features later in the development cycle, Just that its not a priority at the moment.



Savino said:

The game will be out next year... Probably by the end if watch dogs tell us anything.... They have plenty of time to add anything!
Is just the timing... The game is probably in alpha right now, so, no need to worry!



ViciousDS said:

lol Sony has a deal with ubisoft......they are so early in development as its not due out till next year, I wouldn't be surprised to see controls for touchpad for an extra group mission or two for the PS4.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

I'm still so looking forward to this game. My jaw dropped when I first saw the trailer and realized it was entirely in engine. Looks so gorgeous. Wantz neow!

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